Sucker | DVD Review

Photo: Madman Entertainment

Film: Sucker
Director: Ben Chessell

Sucker, based on Australian comic Lawrence Leung’s critically acclaimed and award-winning solo stage show of the same name, is the coming-of-age story, starring Timothy Spall (Harry Potter), Lily Sullivan (Mental) Kat Stewart and Shaun Micallef, and is told from Leung’s eyes as a teenage Chinese-Australian, played by YouTube comic John Luc aka ‘mychonny’.

There are some chuckle-worthy moments and a twist at the end that you don’t quite see coming, however all in all the film is slightly underwhelming- especially the end.

It relies a bit too heavily on exposition, preferring to tell the audience rather than show. And that is quite a distraction, Leung speaks directly to the audience at the start (and at the end) and the rest of the film is heavily narrated by Luc (as Leung’s past self in the movie). Audience members don’t have a chance to interpret the film on their own as they’re constantly being told what’s going on via narration.

The film follows Lawrence (Luc), after he’s sent to live with his uncle because he got expelled after getting caught cheating on an exam, as he meets a con-artist (Spall) and his hot daughter (Sullivan) and decides to join them as they travel across Australia conning small-town Ozzies and learn the tricks of the trade.

It’s Luc’s first major role, and it shows. He plays Leung’s younger version and while he’s likeable, there are moments where his acting’s slightly wooden and awkward.

At times Spall basically overshadows him- even though Spall’s character is really annoying- and Sullivan’s character, though bland, is better acted- if only slightly.

Check out the movie if there isn’t anything else to watch- if nothing else than to see mychonny kiss someone other than Tom (who has a cameo in the film!) onscreen.

A couple of silent LOLs.

Check out the trailer below:


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