The Revenant | Film Review

Please note the following review contains spoilers throughout. 

“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe. Keep breathing.”

The Revenant centres around the tale of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman exploring the uncharted wilderness of 1823. It is both, a film about survival, and endurance. A tale that truly begins with Glass’ hunting team leaving him for dead after sustaining horrific injuries from a bear attack. Glass must fight for not just his life, but also for the justice of his son. Utilising his survival skills, and being fueled by vengeance, Glass sets out on a mission to track down his former hunting pal, John Fitzgerald, the individual responsible for leaving him for dead and the murder of his son.

The Revenant is quiet a gritty film. If you can look past the storyline of the film, the scenery is mesmerising in all its rugged glory. Leonardo DiCaprio is absolutely fantastic in his portrayal of Glass. After watching this, if you hadn’t realised what an amazing actor Leonardo is, then you will now. The character is completely believable in all his anguish, making this film a rather powerful survival story.

The film is quite long, and rather intense. At times it has you captivated and others wondering what time it is. All in all the actors and scenery make this movie remarkable. The Revenant is playing in theatres now. Have a look at the trailer below and keep your fingers crossed for that Oscar / Academy Award for Leo! Let it be “God giveth. God [not] taketh away [Leo’s Oscar]”.




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