Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Collection Uncut – Review


Just finished binge watching Tokyo Ghoul season 1 collection uncut, 300 minutes of blood, gore, a number of story lines- most of which are kind of hit and miss- and a tiny smidgen of character development, woohoo!

Remember when I reviewed the first episode after it premiered on Anime Lab and said I would review each ep as it came out? Yeah I lied, but only because I got extremely busy and couldn’t watch weekly. I’m so sorry.

But the kind folk at MadMan sent us the season 1 collection, which was released in December of last year, for our viewing pleasure.

Serves me right to be left on such a cliffhanger after finally getting around to and binge-watching the 12 episodes. Word of caution, it ends in the middle of the huge showdown, just as something major occurs.

(However season 2 is out and you can catch the episodes on Anime Lab.)

But let’s talk about that first season, which may have been more about that blood and gore and less about a coherent storyline and character development. This doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t enjoy watching it.

Because although it took 12 episodes for Kaneki to become a badass, and they introduced a tonne of characters in the last 3 episodes that you had to keep up with in a short amount of time, and some characters didn’t fully get developed in that time, the first season made me want to keep watching.

Whether this was because of the cliffhanger or whether it’s from genuinely being into the anime, I’m not sure.

But I say give it a go, I started reading the manga and while they kept a few things the same the anime is its own beast as it diverges from the source material heavily.

And yep, season 3 has also been confirmed.

Stray thoughts contain spoilers so read ahead at your own risk:

  • Ken gets a hundred times more attractive once he accepts the fact that he’s a ghoul and metaphorically eats dead Rise who’s inside him- yeah I know how that sounds.
  • Touka’s still my favourite, even if she’s currently getting her ass kicked by her younger brother.
  • Best lesson to learn, if you try to be kind to everyone- you might die.

What say you?

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