The Story: Hi. Hello. Namaste. Talofa.

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JawkwardLOL is comprised of like-minded individuals who write about Television, Books, Films, Theatre, Music, Current Affairs and awkward situations in order to spark any form of discourse while disguising itself as entertainment.

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Now that we’ve dispensed with the formalities [see conveniently placed greetings and intro above] allow me to tell you the story about two friends whose destinies were on diverging paths after graduating from university. One friend, Jess, was to become a successful(?) accountant whilst the other one, Mata, was doomed to live a life of artistic squalor. Upon graduating from university with majors in Accounting, Economics and Political Studies, Jess has continued on her path to success whereas Mata, upon graduating with majors in English, Politics and Procrastination, has begun a steady decline into psuedo-alcoholism and chronic writer’s block.

During a conversation between the two friends in 2012 Jess offered up the age old adage ‘fake it ’til you make it’. And so JawkwardLOL was born. Bankrolled by Jess figuratively and literally, there was a cracking of the whip to keep a tight ship while Mata toiled away watching television, and reading books in order to write about them- until more writers decided to join the fun.

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