Falling In Reverse: ‘Just Like You’ Album Release


Currently my newest obsession, Falling In Reverse has recently released their album, ‘Just Like You‘, jam-packed with not only rocking tracks that leads to intense head banging sessions, but also some kick ass lyrics that don’t only make you laugh but also conjure up some pretty intense feels that can also be anime related because seriously, try to listen to some of these and NOT imagine Tokyo Ghoul or Attack On Titan. Take for example, ‘God If You Are Above‘ and ‘Stay Away‘ would just be perfect for an AMV. It’d be magical and I’m calling you out if you disagree. Lol joke, I can’t fight for crap.

Although I don’t really like their album cover, the music itself is spot-on, the theme of drugs, and grief are clearly evident in their songs, the vocals are powerful and the guitar and drums you hear throughout all the tracks that may or may not have you jumping up and down in your bedroom are so nicely put together, everything fits so beautifully. It’s crazy…

You may also notice those heavy guitar and drums that you will all love are absent in their last track, ‘Brother‘ which is hands down one of my favourites. Replaced with a soft piano, the lead singer’s voice is soft and still holds so much raw emotion that definitely had me crying, especially paired with those freaking lyrics, just damn. The song dedicated to his late brother, is a heart-felt track that you’ll have on repeat for hours.

I’ll definitely be dancing around to ‘Just Like You‘ in homeroom though, because everyone at that school are a bunch of assholes, myself included. Even if that line about his mum is totally hardcore, I’ll be wary of singing that aloud, because hey I’m Samoan, and my mum will not hesitate to break MY back hahahahahaha love you mum. And now I also love Falling In Reverse.

Doesn’t ‘Chemical Poisoner‘ just slay you? Those seconds of just the guitar before everything else comes in is so beautiful, and I don’t get it but there’s this rush of emotions that hit me all at once and it’s just wow. I’m just awe-struck by all these tracks, the same way I was with Marianas Trench.

Get Me Out‘ though is every teenager’s theme song, like come on! How is this so relatable? Thanks FIR for all these amazing songs that will be my anthem until I, y’know, find another anthem. I’m a teenager and my anthem will constantly change okay?!

Their album was released in New Zealand on the 20th of February, so go out and buy it or order it because it’s definitely worth it. Super grateful to Warner Music for bringing these guys to my attention, they’re legit af.

P.s Do they give you a My Chemical Romance x Fall Out Boy vibe or is that just me? Doesn’t matter because they’re all perfect. And I wrote way more than I’d expected so now I’ll just be quiet, or something idk.




1 thought on “Falling In Reverse: ‘Just Like You’ Album Release

  1. Best music, best album D;http://goo.gl/gcCzNo


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