Film Review: The Martian


Please note the following review contains spoilers throughout. 

“I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this.”

The Martian starring Matt Damon, as astronaut Mark Watney, is a tale of survival. It contains great wit and spirit by Damon, and is a great film to watch. The film centres around Watney accidentally being left behind on a mission to Mars, presumed dead. If anything, it was lucky that Watney was the one left behind, as a Botanist he has the ability to increase his food supply, and have a real chance at surviving the harsh environment that is Mars.

It is an incredible tale, centring on Watney’s ability to keep himself sane enough to survive on a planet, alone, and deemed unsurvivable for humans. Watney goes against all odds, and totally “sciences the shit” out of Mars. However, if anything could go wrong, it most certainly would do.

Damon is an incredible actor in this film, and it is an amazing story to be witness to. In all honesty, it is amazing that someone has the emotional strength and determination to survive, and survive he does. Along with that, there are many facets of information that you learn from within the film. I found it fascinating, to see the workings of NASA and how it functions. Although the film is heavily dramatised, it was still an interesting portrayal of the inner workings of the agency.

The film effects are incredibly realistic, especially that of the tolls Watney’s body undergoes with rationing his food supply, and going over a year without a shower.

“It’s space… It doesn’t co-operate.”

The Martian is a film that evokes emotion from you. Whether it be a chuckle, or a tear you will definitely get some feels from the experiences undergone by Watney. The film is out in NZ theatres this Thursday, so have a look at the trailer below if you are interested in viewing an alternative space adventure.


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