Avenged Sevenfold’s New Single “This Means War”


(Wow, it’s a post by me! Still alive, here all week, etc.)

Since I reviewed I Killed the Prom Queen’s album, my mind has been somewhat opened to other metal-inclined tunes that come our Jawkward way. Which makes it sound like I’ve never listened to metal or it’s ilk before, but that’s not true. I used to own a copy of MTV Headbangers Ball, Vol. 2, remember? So anyway I’ve been slowly catching up with the tunes and lo and behold, hello heavy metal!

“This Means War” is the third single off Avenged Sevenfold’s album Hail to the King, which was released almost a year ago! It actually peaked at #3 on our music charts. So I’ll be going back and looking for that to listen to.

I’m not much of a music blogger as it turns out, but surely we can recognise when something is delicious pain au chocolat tunes to our ears, right? This is pretty much like Metallica with their heavy catchy guitar riffs and hooky chorus that takes you through the entire six minutes. There’s an amazing solo about two-thirds of the way through, so at least stick it out for that even if this genre of music isn’t really your thing.

If you’d forgotten – or, like me, not even realised that A7X had another album out – here is “This Means War” to refresh your memory. And, if you’re new to metal or returning like a long-lost acquaintance such as metal and I were in high school, welcome back. This is a banging track to reconcile your tastes.


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