Surviving One Direction’s Auckland Concert at the Vector Arena. A Jawkward Review.

Before one even arrived on the scene it was apparent what kind of concert we were in for. There were young girls everywhere, some with (One Direction themed) painted faces, some with signs and others clothed in Katmandu puffer-jackets and not much else. Lower Queen St and the area surrounding Britomart swarmed with Directioners and the different factions of the fandom; Carrots being one of the sections I learned about last night thanks to Kara‘s vast knowledge. The majority of which were chaperoned by tired-looking parents, with whom I felt a sort of affinity with. One Direction’s October 12 2013 Auckland Show was sold out, so I had mentally prepared myself for the surge of tweens. Or at least I thought I did.

1D MerchandiseUpon entering the venue there was a sort of buzzing in the air, exuded by the scores of teens and this buzzing got louder as we approached the arena. The buzzing, upon entering the arena, turned into cheers- but not just any cheers, screams so loud and shrill that it threatened to bust your eardrum.

2013-10-12 22.16.22

Sporadic, deafening, screams pierced the air, and your ears, at any given moment. At three points during the intermission the crowd cheered for an Opporto ad, an Opporto ad. Each time without fail. The supporting act, 5SOS (?), were met with gusto from the accommodating crowd. An Aussie band who sang some songs I didn’t know (Beside You…and, uhm, I can’t remember the others) and a cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

As we waited for the stage to be set up for 1D, the crowd entertained themselves with more screams for inane ads, including a Dressmart ad and Girl Guide Cookies. They reserved their loudest screams for Opporto ads, however. When the lights dimmed and the impressive stage lit up, it alerted the crowd to the fact that One Direction were ready to perform and after that it was pandemonium. 1D The show started off with a video clip which took the audience through a party introducing each band-member, not that the excitable audience needed any reminding. And finally the lads (don’t judge me but I had to google the names) Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, took the stage and the screams became almost unbearable. However we could just hear the boys kick the night off by launching into a high energy track, ‘Up All Night’, tying in nicely with their intro vid.

It’s a good thing that the ground floor audience were also seated, or it could have become disastrous. There was a lot of jostling about on stage which translated to more cheers and screams from the young audience who sang along to every song sung. The boys encouraged the screaming, and the singing and applauded the arena’s zest.

During their engagement breaks, in which they bantered with the audience and amongst themselves, they had their usual ‘twitter questions’ bit. They were asked to do the time-warp and a New Zealand accent and once again someone asked them to do the Haka. Surely they should have known from the last time that asking a British boy band to attempt a traditional ancestral war dance is only entertaining when they’ve never been asked to do it before.

Haka: them being dicks lol, except Niall who just stood there #culturalappropriation #1DAKL

— kara / lorde (@winesandlines) October 12, 2013

The band’s singing talents can’t really be denied, the dudes can hold a note and rather well. The songs are catchy and upbeat, where they need to be, and although it got a bit tiresome when they kept telling the crowd over and over again that they were the loudest crowd ‘evah’ I found myself having not too horrid a time- to my dismay. The lighting and sound were great, and I really did like the stage. It was good.

Highlights were obviously the only songs I knew, one of them being ‘Moments’ (written by the amazing Ed Sheeran, whose concert we also reviewed), and a weird clip where they showed us the band dressing up in disguise, mic’d and left a’wandering the streets of London being filmed from afar.

2013-10-12 21.01.05One Direction’s encore consisted of ‘Best Song Ever’ before following it up with What Makes You Beautiful’, between the huge balloons being bounced around the audience and the confetti being dropped, it was quite the spectacle. I found it disconcerting because I’m used to concert-goers shouting ‘ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE’ before the encore, however it seemed all this crowd could muster were incoherent shrieking. However it seemed the concert was a roaring success, sold out, loud as anything and basically a deafening pot of gold. All in all, I suppose- apart from the screams which is unpleasant in any occasion, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the moments where I knew the song and found my foot tapping along in spite of my misgivings. If there’s one thing the One Direction band-members know how to do is have a good time on stage. And who wouldn’t, when they have ear plugs to block out the majority of the ungodly shrieking? One Direction Concert

Mata’s Honourable Mentions:

– Lorde attended the concert, she tweeted she was the weirdest little goth there and commented on the enthusiasm of the audience. I heard she left early, though. Anyone care to clarify that?

1D- “Have you guys seen This Is Us?” *Jess and Mata shake their heads* 1D- “did you enjoy it?” *Jess and Mata shake their heads*

— kara / lorde (@winesandlines) October 12, 2013

– I rather liked their cover of Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, perhaps because it reminded me of my own tweenaged years. I apologise if my age is showing.2013-10-12 22.41.42

Jess’s Corner:

I BLOODY LOVED IT. Check out our 1D playlist of song snippets from the night.


2 thoughts on “Surviving One Direction’s Auckland Concert at the Vector Arena. A Jawkward Review.

  1. HAHAHA i think going with you guys made this concert heaps better!


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