Meet: The Epic Team

Apart from co-founders Mata and Jess, these are our epic writers. If you would like to become an epic writer contact us!

Chloe chloe

Chloe loves music, movies, and photography.  She has danced Gangnam Style all over Europe (mostly) and is an unabashed fan of anything Kristen Stewart that is also not Twilight.  She also really likes Emma Watson’s hair.  (Emma Watson herself is good, too.) Outside of the internet, Chloe enjoys tomato-based pasta and a comfortable bed.  When normal people ask, she tells them she likes football (the soccer kind), and works on her photography in her spare time.  She hopes to work in film and television one day but in the meantime her day job as a legal drug dealer is paying for her unlimited internet and Netflix addiction.

Inside of the internet and all such related things (because let’s be honest, the internet is life), Chloe’s kryptonite is science fiction and cops, especially if these things include strong female characters with a credible story arc.  So it will be of no surprise when she tells you that her favourite shows are Fringe, Continuum, Orphan Black, Warehouse 13, and Downton Abbey pre-season three (one of these is not like the other).

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Motu loves Park Chanyeol. Her dedication to this idol is slightly frightening, but it’s love and who are you to judge her? She spends a majority of her time locked up in her sister’s room, in a dark corner, hissing at the slightest movement and crying over kpop idols. Currently attending Stab-in-dale, she’s the lousiest student who watches kdramas and shipping fmv’s more than she attends class.

With a slight obsession with fanfiction (asianfanfics is love, asianfanfics is life), she’ll shun you for long periods of time to sit and read the “action” genre. Motu’s first fandom was Supernatural, and growing up with her Winchester brothers, she’s learned more about the bible in 8 seasons than she did at a Catholic school for 8 years (but y’know, what do you know about life?).

So welcome, come and enjoy her measly attempts at writing and experience the Second-hand embarrassment that most people feel when reading about her fangirling and just life in general.

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Sapna Tiwari dreamed of Hogwarts and/or Camp Half-Blood as her alma mater. When a letter from the headmaster of the former, and a guardian saytr from the latter, failed to arrive at her doorstep, she had to make do with James Cook and Bond in Queensland, Australia.

By day she is a mild-mannered personal injuries lawyer in regional Queensland and by night (and lunch hours), a shopaholic, TV-addict and seasonal bookworm, devouring TV shows and books across as many Apple devices as possible.

She apologises in advance for her tendency to use legal jargon and/or overly pretentiously formal language in her writings for JawkwardLOL, an occupational hazard of going to law school that she is most unlikely to shed in this lifetime.

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Heather Heather

2014 was a pretty bad year for Heather, so she decided 2015 was the “year of change” (even though it’s been a bit slow and bad to begin with). With a passion for design, creativity, photography, and gardening, heading back to university for a two year course in Landscape Design is just what the doctor ordered, along with a side of puppies.

Heather uses the imagination to escape from reality. She lives for crime and murder mysteries, and is a bit of a sap for love stories, and history. Entertainment in any form – books, tv shows, films, and even good old sarcasm, helps get her through each day.

Her current philosophy comes in the form of a quote: “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.” – Harvey MacKay.

Stand back and let her engage with you… on some kind of level.

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“Hello, 안녕 and やほ to everyone!”

Julian is your regular Kiwi boy, born and raised in Auckland with an interest in everything global! Culture, Language, Music – you name it, he loves it. By day, he’s an English Teacher-in-training and by night, a Phantom Thief saving the world by changing the hearts of criminals and con-artists. He dabbles in dark arts so you’d best take your classes in defence against the dark arts, but every now and then, he can be a cheerful and humourous person.

He’s completely addicted to games, a self-proclaimed Otaku in his love for Anime and Manga, and self-proclaimed lover of all things pop culture and music, especially in terms of Asian pop culture.

If you don’t find him with headphones in his ears blasting jpop, jrock, kpop or electronic music, it’s probably not even him.


“Love you all xoxo gossip girl.”

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The LOL is silent.