Hey everyone!

Chloe here to spread the word about the NZ International Comedy Festival in Cahoots with Old Mout Cider! Say that ten times out loud while having had some cider*! (Hey Mata/Jess, do you think we could get in cahoots with Old Mout Cider too??)

Anyway, we’re always excited to talk about comedy here at JawkwardLOL, because we all love a good laugh and believe it is the best medicine. Unless you need real medicine like stitches or antibiotics or whatever, then it’s a good coping mechanism, but not the best medicine. BUT FOR MOST OTHER THINGS, you can’t go wrong with a good laugh.

So the comedy festival is back for 2015, and will be happening from 24 APRIL – 17 MAY. Mark that down in your calendars!

For us Auckland folk, first up on Friday 24 April is the OLD MOUT CIDER COMEDY GALA at the Civic, hosted by top Irish stand-up comedian Ed Byrne. Other funny people at the gala will be Dai Henwood, Urzila Carlson (my fave!), Craig Campbell, and Des Bishop, plus a whole bunch more of old and new faces from Comedy Festivals past.

For Wellywood folk, your lower North Island equivalent, OLD MOUT CIDER FIRST LAUGHS, is on a few nights later on Monday 27 April. Get there!

Also to catch over the course of the festival will be NZ familiar faces Rose Matafeo, Ben Hurley, and Guy Montgomery. I’m personally really looking forward to catching 2015 Billy T Award nominee Eli Mathewson, who I saw at The Classic a few months back and he’s not a show to be missed. All the tther Billy T Award nominees this year — Tim Batt, Hamish Parkinson, Nic Sampson, and Matt Stellingwerf — will also be there and we hear their solo shows are something to catch as well.

Because we’re a bit late with this write up, the full schedule and ticketing details have also been released. Check it out at comedyfestival.co.nz, where you can also sign up for email notifications about pre-sales AND WIN SOME COOL STUFF MAYBE. I don’t know about you guys but I’m sold.

*Not if you’re underage, please


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