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Things that happen in real life that we need to discuss with you. Sometimes we like to share a bit of our life with you, from Jess’s travels to Mata’s extravagant gifts from her mother.

Mum thinks I need Jesus.

You know your mum thinks you need Jesus when she brings you a huge bible from Samoa. Think I’m kidding?

I am not kidding. This is not a dud, this is not a drill- we’re talking 42 (guesstimation) point size font larger than life scripture. This wouldn’t be a post if Jess didn’t think it was hilarious. I’m not as amused, however I am the one with the huge holy book. Also, it’s all in Samoan. My Samoan was getting rusty.

To illustrate just how huge this thing is. It’s bigger than my 13″ Macbook pro.

Duly noted, mum. I most certainly will let Jesus take the wheel from here on out when making all of my decisions.

Whatever happened to predictability?

What ever happened to predictability,
the milk man,
the paper boy,
evening TV,

But did I get to livin’ here,
somebody tell me please,
this old world’s,
confusing me,

Clouds as mean as you ever seen,
ain’t a bird that knows your tune,
then a little voice inside you whispers:,
kid don’t sell your dreams so soon!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a heart, (There’s a heart),
a hand to hold on to
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a face,
of somebody who needs you,
Everywhere you look

When you’re lost out there,
and you’re all alone,
a light is waiting to carry you home,
Every where you

Everywhere you look


Does any remember this amazing theme song? Anyone? Yes, this is the Full House theme song and I think an appropriate quote to start my post about San Francisco.

Drove along Pier 39 today. Really cool seeing all the seafood stalls. I was a bit short of time so unfortunately could not stay long.

Then it was off to the ferry terminal which has a gourmet food market. Loads of oils and cheeses and even a shop that just sells mushrooms.





Got on the ferry to go to Sausalito which is a seaside town on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. This town has a sort of Devonport vibe with all it’s speciality shops. Absolutely amazing views from the ferry and from Sausalito.

Went to a restaurant here as well where this customer got angry at the waiter and threatened him. He yelled for a good five minutes and then runs off and says I will show you why you should not mess with me. This is when I thought this guy was going to take a gun and shoot up the place. Lol, what a sad way to die. But he never came back! Sweet relief!







Then, it was off to the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over it and then went to see it from a viewpoint. The view is just amazing, I could sit here all day.






I then went and saw the Painted Ladies which most of you will know from the Full House theme song.


This is me standing on Alamo Square which is the park where the Full House people have their pics. Uncle Jesse guys! Uncle Jesse!




Also did a bunch of other stuff which I will post tomorrow cos’ my plan for tomorrow at the moment is to go the mall. Yup, cool story bro!

Later haters,

P.S. This post is dedicated to Sam. (@samsuth1 on Twitter). He went to San Francisco on holiday and did not visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Yeah, I don’t know what he was doing either.

Also, If you are wondering why I am wearing a jumper in these photos, it was really freezing on the ferry and then I did not want to carry it around later so just kept on wearing it. Go on and see what else I’ve been up to overseas!

You’re amazing just the way you are.

Jess here!

Vancouver is so beautiful. Just look at these photos and see what I am seeing cos’ no words. Most were taken from a boat ride that I took across the harbour.





Went to Science World in the afternoon and there was this hamster wheel thing that you run on. I went on without instructions and started running and got stuck. And I was yelling for help. So embarrassing until a kid came and looked at me and pointed to the instructions. I was to just let go off one of the safety bars and it would stop. It was very embarrassing.


Went Tim Hortons again, I am in love with this place. Medium Iced Cappuccinos for $2.50, and they are nearly as big as our large in Auckland.

And as requested while I walked around Granville Island market, I took photos of food. That’s all half of you want to see. Food! Can’t say I blame you though!


Go check out more from my travels, the next post will be from San Fransisco.

Tribal Tattoos

Today I went to Playland which is like the Rainbow’s End of Vancouver. Went with my cousins and had a blast. I was the only one to go on all the rides while the boys chickened out of at least one each.




I was in the Skytrain today and had an argument with this old guy. He kept on looking at my henna and asking me what it was. I think everyone thinks I have some gangster tribal tattoos. I kept on telling him that it was temporary and would come off in couple of weeks. He said he did not believe me and kept on going on and on. I just gave up in the end and said I will wear gloves at work. Told this story to my mum and she just said “Don’t talk to strangers.” Yup . . . I attract the crazies.

Then, went to a party where the wedding was the day before and it got crazy. Danced a lot! I am so tired, getting to the stage where I just wanna get home.

Going San Francisco on Tuesday so I will have more exciting stories for y’all!

20130714-182737.jpgLove, peace and chicken grease! From Jess.

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Ice Capps (Ice Cappuccino from Tim Hortons, get with the game!)

Hello all! Sick of these damn posts yet?

Today I went Downtown Vancouver and it was amazing. Caught the Sky Train. And well this is me. So something was bound to go wrong somehow. Firstly my uncle, who was showing us around, got on the train and the doors closed behind him. Leaving mum, me and my cousin stranded. It was like a scene from a movie. The confusion! When we all finally got on the same train, we found out that there was a fault so we had to change trains four times to get to Downtown instead of one. A couple were arguing for like the entire way through and they were sitting beside me so I had entertainment. It was super crowded but there were some nice views. Here are some (a lot of) photos.





Then caught the sea-bus to get to North Vancouver, amazing views. This guy asked me if I was watching a video as if he had seen an iPhone for the first time. I said I was taking photos and this old lady chimes in . . . “Yeah, please don’t take my photo.” Lol, what the hell will I do with a photo of an old lady?

Walked around the mall this side, ate some Japanese food, it was very nice. I, now dedicate this side of the post to Ruby and all the people who requested me to post photos of food. I walked around and took photos of everything that was food related. For your viewing pleasure . . .










Then it was back to Vancouver Downtown and guys, this place is amazing. So much nature and the scenery is just beyond words. Also, managed to get a photo next to the Olympic flame from the Vancouver Winter Olympics and walked down Canada Trail. So yeah, just look at the photos cos’ it is all just so beautiful!








On the way home, went to Tim Hortons. Yup, officially clocked Canada guys. Isn’t Tim Hortons the holy grail? It was all delicious.







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The land of Maple Syrup. Or something . . .

Hello all, I have flown from LA and am now in Vancouver. Nothing much happened today so this post will be padded with photos of scenery. I tweeted this earlier and it is pretty much true.


Woke up this morning, got ready, and caught the train to Union Station. Either I am now desensitised to those around me or for once the people around me were behaving. I suspect the former. Then it was a shuttle ride to LAX. It will be pretty weird to not see palm trees everywhere. Here are some photos I took of palm trees (like I said a very exciting post today).


Was flying with Air Canada and the check-in process was just a nightmare. Pretty inefficient as they got people to stand in lines like you were going to see an agent but as I went closer, we were lining towards some check-in computers. Had to pay $25 to check in one bag. Really made me appreciate Air NZ. And the TSA were scary as usual. Especially the ‘take your shoes off, stand here with your hands up’ part.

Terminal 2 has about 3 places to eat so went to Burger King. For $12 I got a large Turkey burger combo and a veggie burger. The small sizes here are what we would consider large in NZ. It is insane how big these cups are. I tried to shove it down the cup recycle bin when done and it would not even fit the base. This guy stood and laughed with me so totes bonding moment with a stranger though.


Boarded the flight. It was so budget, there was no snacks or meals, they had an onboard cafe which sold a mini packet of nuts for $4.50. No thanks! Went to the loo and the two flight attendants were standing around and gossiping. Then they made mistakes with the announcement e.g. Saying we are landing in LAX soon when we were going to Vancouver.

Landed in Vancouver, check-in was alright. The agent quizzed us about what we were doing in Canada, one question after another. bam, bam, bam! Maybe I looked like an illegal immigrant.

We’re staying with family in Vancouver so we got picked up. Some photos of the scenery is attached. Nice to see some green, LA just looked burnt. 20130709-094100.jpg20130709-094110.jpg






Hung out with family and that was about it. Considering how jam-packed LA was, it is a different experience. Still to decide if I like it. Maybe I can go and read those books I downloaded.



Mata here, wasn’t that exciting! Especially all those extremely large photos of palm trees and aerial shots of greenery. Such fun!

Now, you crazy kids go check out other fun posts by Jess. just click the Jess’s Travels tag. Or go to this post which links all the other ones, minus this one duh, in it.

Jawk ya later, haters!



I am . . . Obama Man!

This morning Mum and I caught a train and then a bus to go to Santa Monica. This is a beachfront city in western LA. The bus ride was an adventure itself. For example, this guy gets on the bus, takes out a cigar, opens the window and starts puffing. Seriously? At least he opened a window I guess. This bus went past Rodeo Drive and other upscale places so was quite nice for sightseeing, even though the buses are dirty! Windows do not seem to have been washed, ever! Makes Auckland buses look impeccable in comparison.

Here are some photos from Santa Monica. This area is known for Third Street Promenade which is an upscale shopping area and the Santa Monica Pier. I managed to get some shopping done, finally.

And now what you have all been waiting for. It was on my list of things to do and tada!

I’ve done it. I have gone to the USA and eaten Taco Bell. It was alright, nothing special at all. But it is a chain Mexican joint, I was not expecting much in terms of tastes.

Then, took another bus to go back to the hotel. This bus went through Venice Beach Boardwalk which is a crazy town itself. An old man gave us directions when we looked lost. He got in the same bus as us then proceeded to loudly ask if us two ladies liked curry. I was like wtf is happening. The whole bus was looking at us. He was just being friendly though, pointing us out that an Indian takeaway that we were going past was having half-price deals. Mum was like um . . . thank you very much. Super embarrassing to have 30 people staring at you though.

There was also a guy on the bus with an eye and like 1/4 of his skull missing, I do not know how he was alive. And you know when you see something and you don’t want to look at it again but your eyes automatically get drawn to it. Yeah, I did that. Not my finest moment.

Back to the hotel to drop shopping and then it was back to the Walk of Fame area at Hollywood and Highland for some souvenir shopping. I bought 6 t-shirts so y’all will see me rotating that for a while. Some more photos from around this area.

I am flying to Vancouver tomorrow so it will be a lot of wedding and family time. I am still not sure about internet access either, so updates may become less frequent. LA was just such a rich source of material. I am still hoping to do a ton of stuff in Vancouver so keep your eyes peeled for new posts. And reflecting back to the first post, perhaps I had a bad first initial impression but once you get out of Hollywood/Highland and Walk of Fame crazy town, people have been very nice and accommodating. Also, you know how everyone was mistaking us for Latino, yeah I have gotten sunburnt since then and hence gotten darker, so now don’t get mistaken that much. I still do not know if that is a good thing. Someone still tried to talk mum in Spanish today though.

This made me laugh today.

As always, thanks for reading.


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