Film Review: Maze Runner The Scorch Trials


This review is based on the film adaption of James Dashner’s book ‘The Scorch Trials’, and not on the book itself. The review is from the perspective of someone who has not read the book. 

Just like the first film, The Scorch Trials, is a bit of a slow starter that builds up to be filled with action, betrayal, and new discoveries.

There is a lack of character development, but the performances of the young cast is grand. The story line still has massive holes in it – in the sense you aren’t entirely sure what’s going to happen next, or what has happened (prior to the memory wipes) – which is good as it will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation to discover the truth and see what unfolds.

The cast is amazing, and I definitely missed Minho’s quick wit and one liners that we had in the first film, he seems to be more so a background character in this film. The landscape is great, and makes it feel otherworldly and a tad scary. It seems to reflects the vastness and uncertainty of the fate that the Gladers face.

I really enjoyed the film and can’t wait for the next / final instalment. The most driving force of engagement for me, is how great the actors are that portray the characters, along with the fact that the director, Wes Ball, does a great job of reeling you in and keeping you wanting more.

The film ends with a curious note for the viewers as to what will be in store for us (and the Gladers) in the third instalment. The Scorch Trials hit NZ cinemas today, so check out the trailer below

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