You’re amazing just the way you are.

Jess here!

Vancouver is so beautiful. Just look at these photos and see what I am seeing cos’ no words. Most were taken from a boat ride that I took across the harbour.





Went to Science World in the afternoon and there was this hamster wheel thing that you run on. I went on without instructions and started running and got stuck. And I was yelling for help. So embarrassing until a kid came and looked at me and pointed to the instructions. I was to just let go off one of the safety bars and it would stop. It was very embarrassing.


Went Tim Hortons again, I am in love with this place. Medium Iced Cappuccinos for $2.50, and they are nearly as big as our large in Auckland.

And as requested while I walked around Granville Island market, I took photos of food. That’s all half of you want to see. Food! Can’t say I blame you though!


Go check out more from my travels, the next post will be from San Fransisco.


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