Whatever happened to predictability?

What ever happened to predictability,
the milk man,
the paper boy,
evening TV,

But did I get to livin’ here,
somebody tell me please,
this old world’s,
confusing me,

Clouds as mean as you ever seen,
ain’t a bird that knows your tune,
then a little voice inside you whispers:,
kid don’t sell your dreams so soon!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a heart, (There’s a heart),
a hand to hold on to
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a face,
of somebody who needs you,
Everywhere you look

When you’re lost out there,
and you’re all alone,
a light is waiting to carry you home,
Every where you

Everywhere you look


Does any remember this amazing theme song? Anyone? Yes, this is the Full House theme song and I think an appropriate quote to start my post about San Francisco.

Drove along Pier 39 today. Really cool seeing all the seafood stalls. I was a bit short of time so unfortunately could not stay long.

Then it was off to the ferry terminal which has a gourmet food market. Loads of oils and cheeses and even a shop that just sells mushrooms.





Got on the ferry to go to Sausalito which is a seaside town on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. This town has a sort of Devonport vibe with all it’s speciality shops. Absolutely amazing views from the ferry and from Sausalito.

Went to a restaurant here as well where this customer got angry at the waiter and threatened him. He yelled for a good five minutes and then runs off and says I will show you why you should not mess with me. This is when I thought this guy was going to take a gun and shoot up the place. Lol, what a sad way to die. But he never came back! Sweet relief!







Then, it was off to the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over it and then went to see it from a viewpoint. The view is just amazing, I could sit here all day.






I then went and saw the Painted Ladies which most of you will know from the Full House theme song.


This is me standing on Alamo Square which is the park where the Full House people have their pics. Uncle Jesse guys! Uncle Jesse!




Also did a bunch of other stuff which I will post tomorrow cos’ my plan for tomorrow at the moment is to go the mall. Yup, cool story bro!

Later haters,

P.S. This post is dedicated to Sam. (@samsuth1 on Twitter). He went to San Francisco on holiday and did not visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Yeah, I don’t know what he was doing either.

Also, If you are wondering why I am wearing a jumper in these photos, it was really freezing on the ferry and then I did not want to carry it around later so just kept on wearing it. Go on and see what else I’ve been up to overseas!


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