Mum thinks I need Jesus.

You know your mum thinks you need Jesus when she brings you a huge bible from Samoa. Think I’m kidding?

I am not kidding. This is not a dud, this is not a drill- we’re talking 42 (guesstimation) point size font larger than life scripture. This wouldn’t be a post if Jess didn’t think it was hilarious. I’m not as amused, however I am the one with the huge holy book. Also, it’s all in Samoan. My Samoan was getting rusty.

To illustrate just how huge this thing is. It’s bigger than my 13″ Macbook pro.

Duly noted, mum. I most certainly will let Jesus take the wheel from here on out when making all of my decisions.


2 thoughts on “Mum thinks I need Jesus.

  1. This is the best post in the history of posts!


  2. Lmao! Never seen that before…I guess u can’t lose it then huh? Lol.


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