Love N Stuff | Review

Love n Stuff-17

While Tanika Gupta’s Love N Stuff was at times funny, and the storyline amusing, I could have done without some of the extra characters and scenes that seemed to distract from, rather than add to, the overall plot.

The script, changed slightly to better suit a New Zealand audience, offered some insights into love, friendship and the meaning of ‘home’.

There are moments where I’m wondering what relevance a certain extra has to the overall plot, however you learn to sit back and enjoy the show as is.

Mansoor (Mustaq Missouri) of Sandringham, walks  out of his 35-year-long marriage for reasons that he barks out at the audience, while his wife Bindi (Sudeepta Vyas), tries to stop him- with a ragtag trio of friends/neighbours.

Janice (Anisha Bhattacharya) a spunky recently divorced fitness fanatic, image-conscious Akbar (Prateek Vadgaonker) who’s currently hiding from an unwanted fiancé, as well as their younger neighbour Baggy (Paurus Rege) whose hip-hop slang confuses his elders and at times the audience.

It’s community theatre and good if you like a bit of humour and a live band.


Directed by: Sananda Chatterjee.
Direction: Ritesh Vaghela
From: June 23 to July 3
Venue: TAPAC, 100 Motions Road, Western Springs

Love n Stuff-14

Love n Stuff-3

**Photo Credit: Shovik Nandi


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