Storm Chaser by Sheila Rance | Book Review

Title: Storm Chaser
Series: Sun Catcher Trilogy
Author: Sheila Rance
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books





Here are some of my thoughts on Storm Chaser, the exciting second novel of the Sun Catcher Trilogy by Sheila Rance.

Throw back to when I started reading Storm Chaser, I was slightly confused because I hadn’t (and still haven’t) read Sun Catcher, but the Storm Chaser was already hooking me in.

The character profiles in the beginning gave you a little insight on what happened in association with them in Sun Catcher, so it was easy to know who the antagonist was, even without having read the first novel.

Set in the Bronze Age, with places such as the Sun Palace and people like the Cliff Dwellers, your mind conjures up many different images and scenes, clearly depicted and expressed by Sheila Rance which is great!

Maia, the protagonist and seemingly most important character in the trilogy tries to run from her “destiny” and it’s odd seeing everyone else try and force this huge role upon her. Becoming whatever it is that she’s meant to be is hard when her aunt is trying to kill her and hires an assassin, whose best friend is a rat. A rodent. A sickly, gross and annoying ass rat who ruins everything.

Then the assassin unsurprisingly falls in love with the one girl who hates Maia for an entirely different reason from everyone else. That reason is because she was afraid Maia was tryna be all up on her man who isn’t hers in any way to begin with!

Seriously though, this book is pretty messed up. I was reading this one part where Elin (the aunt) was at some kind of lake and that scene seriously freaked me out. The silk whispering things and screaming had me picturing some horrifying stuff and I knew in a way that Elin deserved everything she was getting, but reading about how she submerged herself and some of the silk in water and tried to remain there just so she couldn’t hear the silks’ whispers honestly scared me.

AND THEN WHEN ELIN SAW THE GIRL WHO’D BEEN WITH MAIA GRABBING THE SILKS AND BEAT HER ‘TIL SHE BLED WITH A STONE. I couldn’t read this without a horrified expression, because it was so outrageous and disturbing that I just couldn’t comprehend how damaged a person would have to be to beat an innocent person to unconsciousness with just ONE stone, and then abandon their bruised and bloody body in a pool of more stones and blood.

Sheila Rance, you have an amazing way of creating/writing such detailed brutal scenes.

I love it.

Then, there was that Kodo character who was just hating on Razek because he was jealous and wanted Maia all to himself. Seriously peeved me off so much. Bloody ‘ell, Kodo. Either tell her how you feel, or pisssssss off with your lizards.

Oh, and before when he meets Caspia, Elin’s daughter, in the woods and just lets the Thought-Stealer influence him and such really annoyed me. The way he compared her with Maia also further enraged me. Like dude, just because Maia isn’t interested, doesn’t mean you should “get all up and personal” with the enemy. Y’all are friends and that’s a HUGE breach of the Friend Code.

Although the ending of the novel disappointed me slightly, I’m looking forward to reading the third and final novel of the trilogy and then maybe getting around to the first book.

The characters were very realistic and they all had their faults, even the amazing and brave Maia is slightly selfish. But is it selfish to put everyone and her own life in danger because she wants to fly a bird? The answer is yes and I purposefully set the question up that way so Maia looks bad, but she’s actually alright.

And in Sheila Rance’s fictional world, her descriptions made me want to be a part of her world, but also made me afraid to ever live in a world like it. Like ever.

I say NO to the silk whispers and the psychotic family members.

I REJECT the thought of possibly losing my pet cheetah. Yes, an actual cheetah… Or was it a leopard? Nevermind.

And I SHUN the annoying jealous boys just because they’re worse than never being able to fly an eagle.

Overall, I really enjoyed Storm Catcher and thought it was an excellent story with an interesting plot and odd characters with even stranger pets. I give it an 4/5 JawkwardLOL’s.


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