NZ Comedy Festival – The 5pm Project

Last night I was sitting in the second row of the Rangatira at Q, waiting to laugh myself to tears. I, however did not. But not in a bad way! (I shouldn’t have begun this review that way. The show was a chill- instead of clutching your stomach in laughter, you chuckled quietly amongst each other at the remarks made on the stage.

Rose Matafeo, the host for the night, kicked off the show with good energy. Her engagement with the audience, or rather the two REALLY loud old people in the back and Isaac (an 8 year old who seemed completely infatuated with her) was entertaining to say the least. The slightly awkward, kinda creepy, and quirky Rose kept the crowd laughing with light, often self-deprecating humor, whilst prepping everyone for the next act.

Rhys Matthewson was first up, he had a lot of opinions on “important” things- which more or less had me laughing- albeit not in complete agreement with him. Matt Stellingwerf followed, bringing with him a laid back type of style with well-timed jokes and pop-culture references mixed with self-deprecation that seemed to go over well with the audience.

Steven Boyce came on next, his intro kind of dragged on- Hey Boyce, hey hey hey hello hi hey hi hi hi hi hello hey. It wasted about half of his stage time even if he managed to pull a few laughs. However he also offended every brown person within hearing distance. Like bro, that’s actually rude. And not a Ha-Ha rude, just a RUDE.

Joseph Moore was actually a bit of a delight, he made some rather apt observations about hip-hop lyrics and some improvements on New Zealand music. I do believe this NZ Music Month- NZ artists should take Moore’s advice in order to spice up their tracks. Also, I have a new appreciation for NZ reality TV shows about coast-line cops and fishing restrictions.

The closing act, Guy Williams, strutted onto the stage with a “What up, Pussies?” Earning him a lot of laughs and some…fangirling? At least from the twelvies in front of us. Guy’s dead-panned humour was a hit with the crowd and while we found it amusing we have a ‘Life Hack’ tip for Guy: Life Hacks on stage, while earning him points for audience engagement, doesn’t work as well as Life Hacks on radio.

All in all it was a good way to spend an ‘early evening’. Would recommend each comedian separately.


What say you?

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