10 [Spoiler-Free] Reasons To Read The Divergent Trilogy Before The NZ Premiere!


The film adaptation of the first book, Divergent, in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series will premiere in New Zealand on the 10th of April, just over three weeks after its American release on the 18th of March. While this may suck for everyone here who’s already read the series, and are ready to go, it gives some slackers the chance- and more time- to get their asses into gear and read the trilogy.

But why? I hear you ask, ‘It’s just another dystopian novel’ and ‘gee whiz, sounds like a rip-off of The Hunger Games’. Stop right there, pull your head out of your wazoo and get thee to a bookery! The Young Adult trilogy is dystopian, yes, and there’s a strong female protagonist, yes, but that’s where the comparisons end. Not true- there are more, but the storylines are completely different, each story complex in their own way but more importantly there’s no bloody love triangle in Divergent.

However below are 10 reasons, off the top of our domes, as to why you should read the Divergent trilogy before the movie comes out.

10. Because Reading Is Fun.

This goes without saying, really. Reading is a great way to spend your time. And with Divergent the story is interesting and engrossing, never seeming like a chore to get through.

9. Why Wait For The Movie? 

readthebookSeriously, who even has the patience?

8. Spoilers Will Eventually Get You.

Why risk it? In this day and (internet) age you’ll never be safe from spoilers. Preempt that douche bag person who’s going to finish reading the book and make their facebook status: OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE [SPOILER] HAPPENS AND [SPOILER] [SPOILER]!!!!!!

7. So You Can NerdRage With Other Readers.

NerdRageInstead of getting spoiled by one of those douchebags, be one of those douchebags! Kidding, be the kind of reader who nerdrages with other nerdragers away from the innocent eyes of the uninitiated. Believe me, you’ll need to speak to someone else who’s read the series stat.

6. Get To Know The World.  

Sure it’s set in a Dystopian Chi-town (Chicago) however there’s more to the setting and context than visual exposition can provide. A lot of the tone of the place and what makes it tick is described in the pages of the series in a way that might not translate well.

5. Get To Know Your Characters.

Surely you want to know more about Four than what you’re presented with in the movie? And sometimes a movie with a lot of characters can be a bit overwhelming. Through reading the book series you’ll be better equipped for the barrage of characters sure to bombard you.

Also, there’s a chance some characters or character’s characteristics have been left out in the transition from page to screen- you need to be acquainted. Uriah springs to mind, he better be in the movies. Or I swear…*nerdrage*. Also the final book gives you much more insight into Four’s character than the movie probably will.

4. For Comparison’s Sake.

Did the book do it better? Or was the movie able to match your expectations- more often than not it doesn’t. However when you’re able to watch with just a hint of objectivity you’ll find comparing the two doesn’t have to be a disgruntling task. You’ll be able to hark back to favourite scenes from the book and compare them to how it’s been rendered onscreen, hopefully liking both respectively.

3. Mental Stimulation!

The underlying themes are rather thought-provoking. There’s the idea of choice and how much of it you have, and what happens when that choice defines who you’re supposed to be for the rest of your life. The books give you ample time to mull over these ideas of choice and identity while also confronting you with the idea of the individual versus the collective.

2. Strong Female Protagonist- GIRL POWER, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!

The movie’s going to showcase Tris’ strength, however she’s also plagued by quite a bit of internal conflict which you may or may not be privy to unless you read the books. There’s something about Tris’ gradual growth and development in between the pages that you can absorb and revel in, granted there are moments you want to throw the book at the wall- but her strength as described in the books is something to behold.

1. Mental Preparation.

I can’t stress enough how much you need to be prepared for what happens in the third movie (that is if the first movie does as well as I think it will and they make the rest and they don’t split it into two parts for no particular reason) for the sheer fact that in my opinion it saves the entire series. Sure movies take creative liberties with the source material all the time, however it pays to know what’s coming all the same so you can be ready for it. Prepare yourself mentally for how this series ends. (It involves a clown, always be mentally prepared for clowns.)


6 thoughts on “10 [Spoiler-Free] Reasons To Read The Divergent Trilogy Before The NZ Premiere!

  1. Ok, I’ll bite. I’ve been avoiding Kindle, Kobo and GoodReads recommendations to read this. Confirm there is no love triangle in this and I will add it to my reading list.


    1. There’s no serious love triangle.

      For the sake of full-disclosure I felt that towards the end of book 2 and book 3 she tried to throw one in but it didn’t have enough traction for it to really stick. I will say this, the end makes up for it. Do not get spoiled if you’re going to go through with the trilogy 🙂


      1. Do not get spoiled?


      2. Yeah avoid spoilers lol


  2. Oh. Yes. Totally.


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