Veronica Mars Movie | Did you LoVe it? | Review

The Veronica Mars Movie
Rob Thomas
Warner Bros. Studios
March 14 2014

The film’s in and now the general consensus is too, and people seem to LoVe it- with a 98% audience, and 76% critic, rating on Rotten Tomatoes and -more importantly- numerous gushing tweets and gif’ed moments on tumblr, why shouldn’t they? The movie was basically fan-service, while also accommodating those uninitiated into the world of former super-teen-sleuth Veronica MarsWith as many original actors reprising minor and supporting character roles and witty references to the three-season show Rob Thomas (the creator/director and writer) could fit in, the Kickstarter-funded project really brought it. And I say that with a finger-snap.

Speaking of finger-snapping let’s talk sassy characters starting with the sassy character, Veronica Mars herself. Kristen Bell slipped right back into her iconic role like the show was never cancelled. Every sarcastic remark was delivered with just the right amount of snark and charm, every movement the perfect combination of bravado and poise that made Veronica Mars the sort of character you wanted to be. And she also portrays the way Veronica as a character had changed in the nine years since we last saw her with finesse.

the-eleventh-blog:</p> <p>#*VIOLENTLY SOBS LYRICS TO MIKE DOUGHTY’S ‘I HEAR THE BELLS’*<br />

Each character has changed to some degree, well except the comically ‘stuck in high-school’ cliches, like Madison Sinclair whose actions at their 10-year reunion sees the occasion erupt into chaos. The sort of chaos that used to follow Veronica around like a shadow, but had left her once she began her ascent into the respectable life. You’ll notice right away at the start, after the exposition-y beginning recap, that suit-wearing law-graduate Veronica may have mini-outbursts of the snarky Neptune badass we’d loved- but had definitely become a New York sophisticate with Piz. Who she’d only begun dating again a year before the movie begins, safe- adorkable Piz.

But Thomas doesn’t waste much time before dragging our protagonist back to Neptune, not for the reunion our sidekick Wallace (Percy Daggs III) tries to convince Veronica via text to attend, but rather for the film’s main storyline! Which of course has Logan at the nucleus, accused of murdering his pop-star [ex]girlfriend Bonnie deVille (formerly Carrie Bishop….also formerly portrayed by Leighton Meester in the show, now played by Andrea Estella? The change in actress sort of threw me as I tried to remember who she was) and calling in Veronica to help him choose a lawyer- as she informs him she doesn’t do ‘that’ anymore.

What’s ‘that’, I hear you ask? Well only what made her who she was for all three seasons before Veronica Mars was taken away from us, the absence of which has apparently seen her form solid relationships and secure excellent job prospects (because without it she can maintain a low profile) and absolutely ‘bore the shit’ out of her. Coming face to face with her past seems to just bring it all right back out, the need to solve mysteries and right injustices, Veronica’s defining characteristics. Only now…she’s a woman.

Our verdict? See the film. Whether or not you’re a fan you’re sure to be seduced by the snark, excellent acting and a decent whodunnit plot with one or two surprises along the way. Fans of the show are no doubt chuffed by the shutouts to Marshmallows, one and all, and the old faces that make a appearances are sure to put your fanboy/girl heart into overload.
I’m going to go ahead and give it a FOUR out of FIVE Silent LOLs, because what can I say? Two LOLs weren’t silent, two were for LoVe and one? Well, one’s for seeing old friends.

– “Who’s your daddy?”

– “It’s been…boring.”

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– Spoilery things beyond this point, don’t say I didn’t warn ya!
– Did you catch Deputy Sacks referencing Mitchell and Webb? “Are we the baddies?” Poor Deputy Sacks, I remember him being a sympathetic character even in the show and well. The corruption in Neptune has only seemed to increase in the nine years since we last saw Veronica, walking out of the voting booth.
– Some gifs for gifs’ sake!
– Logan Watch, also did anyone else think of Gary Preston from Miranda when Logan showed up in uniform? ‘Puncture my lilo!’

2 thoughts on “Veronica Mars Movie | Did you LoVe it? | Review

  1. This was just fantastic, wasn’t it! LoVe LoVe LoVe!
    It drove me into my garage/library/laundry/pantry to dig out my Veronica Mars DVDs.


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