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Talking Dreams
Warner Bros. Records

The band’s debut album, Talking Dreams, is a 12-track alt-pop delight. I don’t use the word ‘delight’ lightly, so keep that in mind as we take a look at what worked. Released in New Zealand on the 7th of March, I’ve been listening to the album for days at a time since then. It’s a pretty neat and slightly addictive compilation of songs.

I thought one of the tracks, ‘Bright’, sounded familiar, and not because the band have a slight The Naked and Famous quality about their sound, but because I’d heard the track featured on an episode of Teen Wolf and thought ‘hey I like that song, I must find out what it is!’ I’d missed MTV‘s handy pop-up telling us what song’s playing at the start of the song, you see, and then promptly forgot about looking up the episode’s track-list because ‘oh look a speck of dust!’ Needless to say ‘Bright’ is one of my favourite tracks, the guitar riffs are clean and simple, the lyrics are winsome and it just works. Unsurprisingly my other favourite track, an even slower ballad, is ‘Surround You’- which closes the album.

“I search valleys and mountaintops
Rolling hills and ticking clocks
Were all I heard all that sound
Never thought love could be found.”

Comprised of siblings Jamie Sierota (vocals/guitar), Sydney Sierota (vocals/keyboard), Noah Sierota (vocals/bass), and Graham Sierota (drums), the band have a certain upstart fresh sound that manages to take the best of their influences and work it to their advantage that you notice from the get go. Produced by Mike Elizondo (Tegan and Sara, No Doubt, Maroon 5), who signed them to Warner Bros with WBR chairman and fellow producer Rob Cavallo, the album is filled with some great light-hearted tracks that seem ready-made for mass production while managing to come off as slightly edgy enough for the ‘Cool Kids’. Using synth to round out and pull the album together with, there’s a distinct early 80s New Wave influence most apparent on the tracks ‘Come With Me’ and ‘The Safest Place’. The first two tracks ‘Come Together and ‘Let’s Love’ are high-energy fun, doing their jobs of pulling you into the album with an uplifting premise which permeates the entire album.

Lead singer, 16-year-old Sydney has a versatile set of pipes complimented nicely whenever Jamie or Noah join in- adding a harmonising effect. The first single from the album, ‘Cool Kids’, has a very Smiths meets Foster The People feel to it- think ‘Cemetery Gates/Pumped Up Kicks’. Catchy and sure to stay in your head long after you’ve stopped listening to it.

Check out the tracklist below:

1. Come Together
2. Let’s Love
3. Cool Kids
4. March Into the Sun
5. Come With Me
6. Bright
7. Talking Dreams
8. Tell Her You Love Her
9. Ran Off In The Night
10. Nothing’s Wrong
11. Safest Place
12. Surround You

Grab the album if you’re into feel good alt-pop tracks and catchy tunes! Definitely a band to keep an eye on. FOUR out of FIVE Silent LOLs.

Oh and the title track, ‘Talking Dreams’, also has an official video clip.


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