Film Review: Paper Towns

PaperTowns Poster

This review is based on the film adaption of John Green’s book ‘Paper Towns’, and not on the book itself. The review is from the perspective of someone who has not read the book. Please note that therefore this review may contain spoilers.

“A paper town for a paper girl.” 

Paper Towns reels you in right from the start. It is entertaining and engaging, with so many great moments in between. We are introduced to Quentin, or Q, as his friends call him. Then we learn about his relationship with the mysterious, yet formidable Margo. Tales are spun about her unbelievable and epic adventures. The film kicks off with the reasons why Margo and Q are no longer close. Some adventures were too big for him, which is understandable as he has his whole life planned out. However on one fateful night, Margo climbs into Q’s room requesting his assistance as she has 9 things she needs to do. Margo forces Q out of his very small and limited comfort zone, to show him how he should feel about life. The whole idea comes out of the film, is that life is worth living, not just existing in.

Over the next couple of days, Q and the audience realise that Margo is gone. The school has differing stories regarding what she is up to, but Q realises she is calling him out to come find her. Thus the epic love seeking adventure begins. Q and his best friends, Radar and Ben, do things for the first time during their last year of high school. When the year is full of lasts for most people, it is actually full of firsts for Q and his friends. We see the importance of friendship, along with the idea of being there for one another.

The ending was a tad disappointing in the fact that Q didn’t exactly get the happily ever after he was following, but it did end with a couple of realisations. Firstly, Margo wasn’t a miracle or an adventure… she was just a girl. A bit of a selfish one at that, in my opinion. However, she helps Q and the audience to realise something, that no matter how ‘planned out’ your life is, you should have moments where your heart beats uncontrollably because you did something completely out of your comfort zone.

“That is the way you should feel your whole life.”

I really enjoyed the film. It has so many laugh out loud moments, and it was great to see a set of friends get on so well with each other, that pushed each other and were there for one another. It was also nice to see actors who actually looked like young adults. Natural, without a heap of makeup on, and I think that helped to make you relate more to the characters that the actors were portraying. The music was amazing. The soundtrack was wicked and fitted in so well with the film. There aren’t many films that you actually notice the music in them, but this film had them placed so well you couldn’t miss some of the songs.

Paper Towns hits NZ cinemas this Thursday, July 16. Check out the trailer below and make time to check out the film – it’s too good to miss out on an adventure.

“Take a risk and stop playing it so safe.”


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