Legend of Korra’s Return to Top Form: Book Three Premiere

The Legend of Korra is back! And it’s brilliant! In fact I would hazard to assert that the first three episodes of Book Three: Change were better than the first half of Book Two: Spirits, and if it continues on in this fashion I can only see it growing stronger. Book Two was hampered down by some messy storylines and out-of-control romance-filled angst- only really picking up in the second half with the heavy focus placed on the spirit world. As we know Book Three will see Team Avatar dealing with a post-Harmonic Convergence world, wherein which humans and spirits must try to exist together.

The new season of Legend of Korra has everything that endeared Avatar The Last Airbender to the fans in the first place, moments of friendship, powerful characters, hilarity, interesting villains and a sense of adventure- that last one was especially missing last season. Basically LOK is serving up the nostalgia while still managing to distinguish itself from its parent show.

Heads up, spoilers ahead!

What we saw in the first three episodes we’d like to continue to see:

Bromance – The ease of Korra and Asami’s friendship, I loved loved LOVED how they dealt with the whole messy romance plot from the season before. There was the potential to continue on the angst but DiMartino and Konietzko did away it in one fell swoop.
This also includes Mako and Bolin’s strong sibling relationship and OMG FINDING THEIR FATHER’S FAMILY!!!!


Zuko’s still as awkward as ever, only he would reminisce about his failed attempts to kill Aang.

THIS: Saying goodbye to angsty teenaged romance

and hello to the fandom’s newest (harmless *knock on wood because let’s not jinx it*) ship.



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