The Fault In Our Stars – A Fangirl’s Tale

Seeing The Fault In Our Stars last month had to be a highlight of this year, especially since I saw it before a ton of people. Yasssss, I felt so boss. Continue to read and you’ll understand why. Also be sure to look out for our review which will be posted closer to the release date.

The Fault In Our Stars is not a movie for the light-hearted, but for those with the heart of a warrior! Just look at all the people who read the books! True survivors, who experienced the pain of being in a fandom such as this one. But like so many other tfios-stans, I was lined up to watch this film, accepting the emotional scarring, even before I knew it was being made into a movie!

Rocking up to the cinema, I was already crying tears of joy.

And I continued to cry as the opening credits began, starting with Hazel’s voice-over.

It was everything I hoped it would be.

It made me go…

then I was…

and then I was…

I kid you not, that was me in the cinema. You can’t judge me, because I know for fact that you will be a sobbing mess the exact same way that I was!

And despite the bucketload of tears that were shed that night, (and the morning after) I loved it so much and couldn’t have wished for anything more.

The world is not a wish-granting factory but this movie made all my wishes come true.

I saw my strong, beautiful and amazing Hazel Grace.

I saw my loving one and only, Augustus Waters.

And everything was okay.


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