Ed Sheeran’s One-off Show Kicked Major Butt!

On this night, a night as average as any other, a young girl and another young but slightly older girl went to a concert. (By slightly older I mean, the age gap of 11 years.)

But not just any concert. It was the concert of the one and only Ed Sheeran.

*jaws drop*

*wide stares*

Ahhhh! *sizzling sound* Girl look at that body! He - He's Ed Sheeran.
Ahhhh! *sizzling sound* Girl look at that body! He – He’s Ed Sheeran.

Thanks to iHeartRadio and 2degrees, Ed Sheeran performed a one-off show at the ASB Theatre, in Auckland and my sister managed to win tickets after days (and possibly weeks) of refreshing inboxes and listening to the radio whenever it was possible! She and I had entered every competition there was to win tickets, and what we found out at the show was that we were one of the few lucky hundred to see Ed Sheeran among the approximately 25 000 submissions sent in from all over New Zealand.

Solo Artist, Jeremy Redmore.
Solo Artist, Jeremy Redmore was the Supporting Act.
Travellin' Song, Drag Me On Home, and Bad Philosophy.
He performed a few of his tracks such as Travellin’ Song, Drag Me On Home, and Bad Philosophy.

Now, when the lights dimmed and a spotlight focused on the middle of the stage, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and I don’t know when exactly it happened but tears filled my eyes when he walked out on stage and he got straight into You Need Me But I Don’t Need You.

The crowd was almost deafening but none of them were loud enough to drown out the Ranga god, his angelic voice, guitar and loop pedal.

Even when he played one of his quieter tracks, The A Team. (Although some fans didn’t understand that they should be quiet, he still played on.)

And speaking of those “fans“, an argument broke out among a few of the girls. Ed politely asked everyone to remain quiet for one of his new tracks, because it was a quiet song and so a majority of us did as he asked, respecting his wishes since he was performing for us.

But someone didn’t get the memo, because every time he stopped singing and just played the guitar, she’d scream out, “I LOVE YOU EDDY!!” and I swear I was hunting for her through the crowd with my eyes, getting ready to “stroke and shush them”. (NOT A EUPHEMISM)

But then, someone else started to shout abuse at them and it was a mess. Like really? HE ASKED US TO TRY TO REMAIN QUIET. If y’all wanna bicker, gtfo. Honestly, there’s always a select few who ruin things for everyone else and it’s making me angry just thinking about it.


Y’all know my sister, right? Well, Mata never wants to sit next to strangers, so she made her 15 year old sister sit between her and a stranger. And then the girl I was sitting next to had little to no rhythm which made me LOL so hard, but not in a haha ew loser way, more like a haha nawwwwww way, if that makes sense? (No offense intended, stranger!)

And so every time Ed asked us clap or click our fingers, she’d come in at the wrong time and when he’d ask us to sing, she’d try so hard but she’d go off key and scold herself and she was so cute, even though it was incredibly awkward. (Y’know what isn’t awkward? Calling a stranger cute. Okay maybe a little awkward. Shut up, don’t judge me…)

Singing like an angel, like always...
Singing like an angel, like always…

There was also this part during the concert where he performed a song he’d made using all these sentences and replies he’d saved in his phone to the hate he’d received over the course of three years, and he did it so well and he’s such an inspiration.

The light in the background is like the sun shining down on him, is it not?

One part of the song where he says something along the lines of, “you don’t want to see me with my shirt off,” I swear a bunch of fans protested and others laughed and so he stopped and muttered, “Guys…” and that scene was so cute.

Even from where I was seated, which was quite far and very high up, I could see the blush on his face. (Unless I imagined it, which wouldn’t be surprising. I should’ve worn my glasses, darn!) Too cute, though.

That smile though!

Nearing the end of an amazing night, he began performing his new single SING, and he got everyone into it, even if it was a little different from his Folk-y Rock sound, which isn’t a bad thing! He told us to keep singing, even after he’s left the stage, even into our cars to get home and even when we wake up the next morning! Ridiculous, right?

“If you love me come on get involved. Feel it rushing through you from your head to toe!”

Everywhere I turned, fans were singing, dancing, clapping and it made me so happy. He has this way of getting everyone to have fun and his moves on the stage were so weird but oddly mesmerising and I couldn’t look away, except for the times I had to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Yes, I cried and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Okay, maybe I’m a little ashamed. Whatever, you need me but I don’t need you so talk to the hand.

Overall, his performances were amazing and kept the crowd entertained, and his new tracks are sure to please all fellow Sheerios out there. He executed them perfectly and even though he left way too soon, he did not disappoint. And I’m still singing, Ed!

Now, for derp Sheeran.


This is the best thing ever. True derp. THIS.
This is the best thing ever. True derp. THIS.

All photos and videos are credited to my wanna-be photographer, Mata. Hahaha ilysm.

Remember Sheerios, keep singing!


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