Reign on Prime – 1×05: A Chill in the Air

If you’ve been wondering, Prime Underclass, where Reign has been for the past few weeks wonder no more!

It comes back on the 16th of January (THIS WEEK!) when it will return to its usual slot with episode 6 ‘Chosen’. In the mean time let’s talk about the events of the last episode that aired on Prime, episode 5: ‘A Chill in the Air’. I do apologise that this is late, but at least I’m here with good news and hopefully some interesting banter for you!

So basically Olivia is Regina George and she’s about to take Aaron back. And so Mary has to resort to fighting things the way girls do in girl world. It’s a bit hard when Francis’ mum (as informed by some prophecy) is totally backing Regina.

‘A Chill in the Air’ is that episode, the one written to appeal to the non-canon shippers waiting in the wings for Francis to slip up and for Bash to swoop in and- what? Father a bastard? Ruin the already tentative alliance between Scotland and France? Or just make her feel better when Francis is being a bit of a douche. Let’s go with that last one.

Now plot-wise we’ve got a bit going on, mostly scheming on Catherine’s part to get Mary usurped by Francis’ former lover- a french blonde- in Francis’ affections and hopefully knocked up. Granted this is starting to get formulaic, at this point you can bet that in each episode we’ll have Catherine scheming to get Mary away from Francis, Francis feeling conflicted feelings and Mary left wondering why she loves someone so weak. Only this time Mary sees through it. She figures out the Queen’s scheme and decides to play the b at her own game. But not before pointing out how hard it is out there for a female- double standards and whatnot.

The episode had started grim, what with Olivia’s company being attacked and her maid’s throat being slashed like that but it revisits the darkness of the woods with a trip to the woods where Bash messes up a pagan sacrifice- *Kevin Hart voice* like, why would you touch it, if you don’t even know what it is. No, no- WHY WOULD YOU MESS WITH IT, IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!
When Bash used the language of the Pagans to talk smack that time he and Francis were in the woods, making those other Pagans back down, I get the feeling that Bash does know what it is.
I get the feeling he’s going to regret this decision.

Honourable Mentions:
– Francis is turning Mary to drink with his uselessness.
– My teenaged sister’s response: Incomprehensible screaming.
– Uh oh.

– Greer and Leith are adorbs but that isn’t going to end well. Because he was a baker boy she said see you later boy, he wasn’t good enough for her. (Is what I foresee in their future, oh look at me being Nostrodamus.)
– Well, tune in to Prime this Thursday to see how this shirt storm pans out.

What say you?

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