The Crown of Embers & The Bitter Kingdom

Crown of EmbersTitle: The Crown of Embers

Series: Fire and Thorns Trilogy

Author: Rae Carson

Publisher: Green Willow Books

The second book in the ‘Fire and Thorns’ trilogy by Rae Carson, Crown of Embers, is a doozy of a follow-up to Elisa’s story. This can be a difficult task, creating a second book that doesn’t just compliment the first but is also enjoyable in its own right while also paving the way for the final installment of the trilogy. However Carson manages to pull it off with adventure, assassination attempts, romance, magic and even more growing up, some of which were consequences that came with the responsibilities of being Queen Regent to the people of Joya d’Arena, and trying to find one’s way around the political intricacies of a Kingdom that continues to be in turmoil.

There were definite problems with the book, I won’t lie. For instance, I let the heavy Judeo-Christian ideology that seems to form the world of Fire and Thorns slide, largely because I was willing to see it develop and branch off into something different. However I found it awkward that a lot of the Scripture quoted in Crown of Embers was taken right out of the Bible. Not kidding, you can check.

Honourable Mentions:

– Storm’s my favourite. He’s a sassy batch.

Title: The Bitter Kingdom

Series: Fire and Thorns Trilogy

Author: Rae Carson

Publisher: Green Willow Books

Hector’s been taken and it occurs to Elisa that in order to unite Joya d’Arena under her rule she’ll need to marry him- which of course is convenient because she’s in love with him. Elisa puts herself in danger, this isn’t news- she’s constantly in danger it seems, for the good of her kingdom and more to the point to save the man she loves. Who would really rather she not risk her life for him, but hey- she’s the queen, she’ll do as she damn well pleases.

So off she goes, into enemy territory, on a rescue mission with Mara, Belen and Storm to save Hector, I like the moments where we’re given Hector’s point of view. There are a few close calls, and Elisa does continue to develop both as a decision maker and as a character. There are a few nice additions to the character list, and moments that threaten to make you throw the book aside and yell at the wall.

I won’t spoil the third book. Go have a read. It’s actually a rather good conclusion to the trilogy. Things are tied up and everyone dies. No one’s left alive, now that’s how you end a story.

You know I’m kidding right?

Honrouable Mentions:

– Them Invierno names though. “He Who Wafts Gently With the Wind Becomes as Mighty as the Thunderstorm.”

– Storm’s still my favourite sassy Invierno.


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