Which HP/ATLA/LOK Character are you?

Brought to our attention by BuzzFeed, a Tumblr user, Simbaga (with artwork by Deviantart user Makani), created their own Harry Potter Myers-Briggs personality test.

Take the Myers-Briggs test and see who you are from these two fandoms.

ENTP! I’m Sirius Black and Bolin. Awwww yeah, Siriusly, I’m Bolin in the deep. – Mata

EDIT: So according to this test I’m INTP which kind of makes sense if I read through the whole thing. Kinda makes a lot more sense. Oh and it means I’m Hermione and Beifong.

Which Harry Potter character are you?

WhichHarryPotterCharacterWhich Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra character are you?


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