Doctor Who – Watch The Day of the Doctor Prequel: The Night of the Doctor Minisode!

This should clear a few things up. To say more would be to spoilerous if you haven’t yet watched it. So watch it and then discuss with me below!

Don’t worry, these gifs are safe and spoiler free. REACTIONS COMMENCE!

Make sure you’ve watched the mini-episode before going any further, because I can’t stress enough.

If you’re ready to talk then.

Well there you have it! Clears up a few things doesn’t it? But it also opens up another can of worms. We wondered where the Eighth Doctor had gotten to and now we know. I like the sneaky nod to fans there with cheeky “I’m a doctor, but probably not the one you expected.”

Paul McGann Night of the Doctor

Moffat is such a troll.

“There is no escaping the Time War.” It’s nice that we finally get to see McGann regenerate. And it appears the Sisterhood of Karn play a rather huge part in his regeneration, not just as the Doctor but Eight’s regeneration into the War Doctor. Interesting that those words came out of the Doctor’s mouth, that he didn’t suppose there was any need for a doctor anymore. That what he needed to become was a ‘warrior’.

So let us know what you think it means! What does it all mean?! Well I suppose it confirms speculation about Hurt’s doctor coming before Eccleston’s Ninth doctor. However he is rather distinguished from the other doctors through a separate title altogether.

John Hurt as... If you skipped to the bottom before watching the episode and see John Hurt’s name for the Day of the Doctor confirmed then…


What say you?

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