JawkwardLOL’s Compendium of Tillyisms!

Ever wondered what on earth Tilly was saying? Well wonder no more with our comprehensive (not really) Compendium of Tillyisms you’ll be speaking and interpreting like a posho bitch in no time!

Utmost curiosity Expression of interest

Kissingtons Fond greeting between friends

Totes Amazeballs – Amazing

Bear with, bear with, bear with. (Repeat as often as needed.) And back. When you’re on the phone and someone tries to talk to you, raise hand and utter.

Marvolizzimous – Marvelous

Brillo-pads – Brills/Brilliant

Major [insert noun ie mess] and his friend Colonel [insert noun ie catastrophe]!Expression of dismay and disappointment.

Starvington Station – Hungry as

Flabagastamoomoo – Flabbergasted/Astonished

Totes [insert verb/noun]ulatingOn the verge of something.

Rudulent Rude
Special Ocasiones Social Occasion
Defo Definitely
Go on the Pullingtins Be on the lookout for a hook up/on the prowl.
Possibolos Possible
Negativitus – Negative
Wedmin – Wedding Administration [courtesy of Valerie, muchas gracias Valerie!]
When in doubt, add the combined suffixes ‘osity’, ‘tins’ or combined ‘ing-tins’ to a word for instant posh sounding effecting-tins.
***With almost everything in the world this isn’t a perfect list. There are terms and phrases which we have missed, purposefully or not, so drop us a comment if you have one to add because we overlooked it. It would be totes rudulent of us to do so but it defo happens.
Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the usefulness of this guide, which we shall henceforth not refer to as a guide, nor will we take any responsibility for any words or phrases not used incorrectly by the reader. Disclaimer disclaimer: This disclaimer was convoluted by design. We take no responsibility in your inability to understand the preceding heretofore.

3 thoughts on “JawkwardLOL’s Compendium of Tillyisms!

  1. Don’t forget wedmin! (Wedding administration). My sister is getting married next year and I’ve been using this one constantly. Tilly would be proud.


    1. Of coursiosity! Much appreciones for reminding us of WEDMIN!


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