X Factor NZ – American Hits [and Misses] Week

Although all you really need to do is click on the #XFactorNZ hashtag on twitter, we’re here to talk about tonight’s X Factor NZ performances.

Moorhouse – Laundry, their story was about their inability to locate the laundry chute. That’s a thing, isn’t it? Song: Usher – OMG. It was enough to probably get them through to the next round.

Jackie – I can’t remember what her story was about. I think maybe this happened when Jackie’s story came on for me.

Song: Britney Spears – Toxic. Started out alright, and thought that maybe the song’s tempo would pick up and become interesting but instead she stayed at the same pace and it bored everyone. Also, her stage looked like the inside of Tom Bachelor’s mind, darkened by his recent elimination, but still buzzy as hell.

Whenua – Boxing. Song: Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys – Empire State of of Mind. Amazing. It seems like Whenua can’t win with Mel, he sings something slow and she thinks he’s boring so he switches it up and Mel thinks he needs to slow it down. C’mon. Whenua’s going to win, we’re not biased he’s just had the most consistently in-tune, good performances of the competition.

Cassie – ‘Reece Mastin touched my arm.’ Song: Taylor Swift – Lovestory. It was a bit boring, a little flat and although I think saving T-Swizzle to pull out at the most opportune moment was a good move- she sang a slightly outdated (yes Taytay songs have expiry dates) Taylor Swift Song.

Gap 5 – Rainbow’s End? Well, guess they needed a pick-me-up. Song: Destiny’s Child Bills. One of them forgot the lyrics, at this point in the competition you’d think remembering the lyrics wouldn’t be an issue anymore. However their performance was formidable and they can stay.

Benny – Benny needs to pull it together, apparently being in the bottom two shook him. Rightly so. Song: Phantom Planet – California (The OC theme). We liked his performance, but I think he’s going home next week. Probably bias because it sort of dredged up old OC feels but let’s just. Ugh. Stop that. Anyway, the judges seem to be pushing him out the way they dogged on every Anna Wilson performance before she was voted off, no?

Special Mentions:

– Dominic Bowden’s hat at the beginning, it bears mentioning that it was a bad move on his part. He already looks like a bellend, no need to top it off with a stetson.

– Did Simon predict who’s going home tomorrow night?



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