MOVE | Review

Kinetic Wayfinding’s latest project, dance-theatre MOVE, combines dance, theatre, music and digital media to convey messages of hope and address issues rarely talked about in Pasifika communities but which greatly affect Pacific youth.

The central story revolves around a brother and sister, Mark and Lupe played by Isaac Ah Kiong and Jennifer Perez, whose lives are rocked by the death of their father.

Ah Kiong plays a convincing young character whose situation sees him move from worried teen to ‘man of the house’ as his romantic relationship with their friend Diamond, played by Darren Tanuie, unfolds scene by scene.

Perez, whose first role was in Kinetic Wayfinding’s Digital Winds, brings a heartbreaking quality to Lupe’s character who goes from average insta-obsessed teenager to battling inner demons.

Inner demons like depression- leading to thoughts of suicide. Perez’s portrayal of a girl fighting against the these emotions is mesmerising to watch.

The cast, though a tad green, was solid. Granted there were some slip ups but you can easily put it down to first performance jitters.

On top of the three friends, there are also embodiments of creative muses; Creativity (Valentino Maliko), Word (Mosese Ah Hi), Dance (Maxine Kalolo), and Music (Sisi Patea). Their performances were stirring, from their fluid dance moves to beautiful singing.

And really once they got into it, and the cast gained momentum together, the show’s pace quickened and the audience is pulled through different emotions along with the characters.

There were a couple of scenes that seemed to stifle the pace a bit, leaving the audience guessing as to the purpose of it,  however overall it was an engaging piece of theatre, executed by a young up and coming cast.

MOVE makes good use of multi-media with random inserts of digital YouTube/vlog type videos by Diamond, shown on a screen beside the stage, serving as comic relief.

The mash-up of popular songs with beautiful original music, not to mention the elements of Pacific music mixed in too was rather beautiful.

The following song was written and composed by Patea, and beautifully performed by her and Maliko during the performance.




Written and Directed by Iaheto Ah Hi and Leilani Clarke
Moving image and costumes by visual artists Cee Palalagi and Onesian.
WHEN: April 22-Saturday April 30th 7.30pm (No shows 25th & 26th April 2016)
WHERE: Te Oro in Glen Innes
GET TICKETS: Eventfinda or at the door (Adults: $20.00, Concessions $15.00.  Groups (6+): $15.00, Youth 14yrs and under $10.00.)



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