Attack On Titan – Live Action Character Pics

Haruma Miura as Eren


Japanese film news websites Eiga and Sanspo unveiled the first character visuals (including new film-only characters) for the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan films. And holy colossal do they look legit. The 3D Maneuver Gear and swords are ON POINT. Be in for some surprising weaponry, however. And a lack of a certain Survey Corps Special Operations Squal Leader, Levi. WHERE IS LEVI?! Ahem.

In regards to cast selection, producer Yoshihiro Sato advised he didn’t pay as much attention to whether or not the cast members looked like the original characters- I guess that means they’re not going to dye Hongo’s hair blond- although I do believe they nailed Mikasa’s look. Kiko Mizuhara is so damn pretty, so here’s to hoping she’s also a badass. According to Sato, through many a discussion with Hajime Isayama (the original creator of Attack on Titan), they went with actors who could act out the “characters’ spirits.” I dig it, here’s to hoping Miura plays Eren with a little less whining though.

Director, Shinji Higuchi, confirmed that there will be two films and that with the supervision of Isayama, the story will be based on the world and characters of the manga, while incorporating new characters and new formidable enemies. Interesting. Yuusuke Watanabe (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, live-action Gantz, Gantz II: Perfect Answer, 20th Century Boys, Gatchaman) is writing the script, along with Tomohiro Machiyama, friend of Isayama. Surely any friend of Isayama is a friend of ours?

Both films are slated to open next summer. YAASSSS Attack on Titan 2015!!


Check out your favs (Hanji looks amaze tbh) below:

Kiko Mizuhara as Mikasa

Okay, so I’m hearing a lot of hoo-hah about ‘isn’t Mikasa supposed to be the only Asian left in the SNK world? She’s the only one who looks the least Asian’. Sure, the manga makes it a point that she is but guys this is a Japanese franchise- find me some white actors who can speak fluent Japanese to play the other characters before you start critizing the casting.

Kanata Hongo as Armin


Satomi Ishihara as Hanji

Hanji’s RPG tho’. Wut? Do you reckon (especially with what looks like a tank in one of the photos below) they’ve upped the technology a bit? They still use swords because it’s the easiest to slay a titan with, but perhaps they also have the use of other heavy artillery?

Nanami Sakuraba as Sasha


Takahiro Miura as Jean

There are also seven characters that are new to the film versions of the story. According to Sanspo reports Hasegawa’s character Shikishima holds the key to the film’s story as “humanity’s strongest man.” Hmmmmm, check them out below:

Hit us with your thoughts below! Like, love, loathe? If you haven’t read our reviews of the first season check them out here: Part 1 | Part 2.


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