Maze Runner Film Reaction and Scorch Trials is a GO!

While we can’t post our full review just yet we had to express our feels a bit after seeing The Maze Runner (because you know we had our qualms about the series in the past). And yet we weren’t too apprehensive going in, the concept is awesome and the cast is great, even if the book series made me want to punch puppies? Right? RIGHT? SO, it’s with great joy I report that the film, in my most humble opinion, is so worth the emotional turmoil of the series. The film was was pretty darn good. They even managed to make me like the characters I wanted to punch repeatedly in the books (no really, check out our spoilerous reviews) cough Thomas and Teresa cough. Also, excellent news about the sequel after our feelsplosion. Without further ado…JawkwardLOL’s reaction to The Maze Runner.

At the start we were like:

And then that thing happened (yeah you know what it is if you’ve read the book) and we were like:

At one point we punched the air like:


And then felt punched in the gut:

And we just sat there like:

But by the end all we wanted to know was…when’s The Scorch Trials coming out?



Well, great news! Apparently they’ve already got preproduction underway (with filming scheduled to start soon) in New Mexico… two weeks before The Maze Runner even hits theaters in the US. We’re freakin’ out over here, because that means the sequel is a go. We repeat, the sequel is a GO! But uh, we already knew that didn’t we? Because…c’mon. Unfortunately for us Kiwis our film’s release date is a week after ‘Murica. Get thee to a cinema on the 25th of September!

There are many reasons to. Many reasons.

Maze Runner :):):):):):):):):):)

Check out this clip from the film:


What say you?

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