Tokyo Ghoul – ‘Tragic’ Review

tokyoghoulSo this gem was added to the AnimeLab list of shows on Friday, based on the manga of the same name by Sui Ishida, and I thought ‘hey that looks interesting, let’s see what it is’. Without even reading the synopsis, or watching the trailer (no I haven’t read the manga), I played the episode. And holy shih tzu was I unprepared for the gore after binge-watching Ouran High School Host Club and School Rumble but hot damn is it awesome. Seriously, so good.

I suppose the scary-faced fella in the picture above, and the name Tokyo Ghoul, should’ve given me an indication of what I was in for but my eyes still widened at the very first scene. Horror. It’s a full-fledged psychological horror set in modern-day Tokyo, where creatures called ghouls look like humans for the most part but have an insatiable hunger for human flesh (where are Sam and Dean when Tokyo needs them?). People in society are aware of the existence of ghouls, and from the looks of things they’re basically an accepted hazard, like roaming lions- not the best comparison. Tokyo Ghoul follows our main protagonist Ken Kaneki, nice bookish Ken, whose bad dating choice lands him in a dire situation.

Check out the trailer below if, unlike me, you like seeing what you’re in for.

Readers of the still-ongoing manga will already know, and be epically excited for, the extremely dark outlook of this anime. The first episode, beautifully and sharply animated, successfully sets the tone.  Whether or not you’re a reader of the manga you’re sure to be engrossed. The anime isn’t without comic relief which comes in the form of Ken’s bestie, Hide (Hideyoshi Nagachika) a goofball. The characters are likeable enough more importantly a badass female character, Toka Kirishima! I shan’t say too much about her lest I spoil the one slight twist, however she does remind me of Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

While some aspects of the episode were predictable the episode overall is a great start, the internal conflict, Ken is faced with, gradually builds as he realises what he’s become, the fight sequences are brilliant and the gore is well gruesome innit? Apparently the manga is excellent and I’ll be sure to get on that because waiting week-to-week for a fix will suck. This will be me after each episode with the thought of a whole week to wait:

New episodes every Friday on AnimeLab I hope. Also, we’ll also be getting the first episode of Terror in Resonance which looks absolutely amazing in a different way. Trailer below!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul – ‘Tragic’ Review

  1. A highlight of the Cannes Film Fest, Tokyo Sonata should broaden Kurosawa’s appeal in the U.S.


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