Biffy Clyro | Single ‘Sounds Like Balloons’ and Concert Lookout

BIFFYCLYRO_COL2.FINAL-crop According to a press release from Biffy Clyro’s record label, the Scottish band have released ‘Sounds Like Balloons’ from their sixth studio album Opposites as a single. Previous singles from the album, first released in 2013, include ‘Black Chandelier’ and ‘Biblical’.

Produced by Garth Richardson, who also worked on Biffy Clyro’s previous two albums – Puzzle and Only Revolutions, Opposites reached #25 on the RIANZ album charts. A two-CD Tour Edition is set to be released on July 4. With songs that successfully, according to NME, blend the ‘experimental and anthemic’ why aren’t you already a fan? As new fans, there’s nothing wrong with being new, we’ve a lot to learn.

The band’s set to make their way to Auckland to perform at Auckland’s Powerstation on September 2.

Grab tickets from ticketmaster asap and check out their live performance of ‘Sounds Like Balloons’ below:

EDIT: So according to long-time fans of the band ‘Sounds Like Balloons’ was never released as a single. The press release was either telling porkies, or maybe it’s been released as a single here in NZ. We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled, we’ll get to the bottom of this.

EDIT EDIT: Definitely an NZ-only single. We think, no yeah definitely. Probably? No yeah there was only NZ info in the release. Yep, I’m sure- am I? Definitely maybe NZ-only.




2 thoughts on “Biffy Clyro | Single ‘Sounds Like Balloons’ and Concert Lookout

  1. ceadaghoferrall June 27, 2014 — 12:14 am

    Sounds Like Balloons was never released as a single. The 4 singles from Opposites were Black Chandelier, Biblical, Opposite, and Victory Over The Sun. The Sounds Like Balloons video was simply a crowdsourced amalgamation of fanshot footage compiled by the band to thank the fans for their support.


    1. We got a press release from the record label telling us Sounds Like Balloons was their latest single =]


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