NZ Comedy Fest: Jamaine Ross Says Funny Things

jamaine_rossHeaded along to see Jamaine Ross at the Classic Studio last night and he was standing at the door, greeting/offering thanks and t-shirt praises to those coming through. His presence at the door fostered a very laid-back atmosphere that promised a well-structured show full of laughs- mostly at his own expense- of which he delivered.

The anecdotal-ridden jokes were free-flowing as Ross proceeded to cover a range of relatable topics from transformers to dirty nursery rhymes recited as a kid. The 80s-90s pop-culture references were well-placed and inclusive, can’t say there is ever a dull moment. There’s something about Ross’s style of storytelling that is both entertaining and thoughtful, with a contagious laugh that transformed even awkward moments into hilarious ones. Heh, get it? Transformers- because he devoted an entire segment to Tranformers, robots in disguise. (You sang it, didn’t you?)

I suppose the only joke I found a bit tiring, or rather just felt was dragged out, was a running gag about the best Jamaine in comedy right now- depending on whether other ones still counts as comedians. Because, not to harp on about it or anything but, they don’t have nicknames based upon a Beardy McBeard- do they?

If you’ve got a spare evening head on down to The Classic Studio for an ab workout. If not much else, than to brush up on your rounds game. Singing in rounds should make a comeback. To be sure, to be sure. Although if we see Jamaine in the streets I’m gonna punch him out for getting that Venga boys song stuck in my head.

Jamaine Ross will be at The Classic Studio, Auckland all week, from Mon 12 Sat – 17 May, 8.45pm. Get them Auckland tickets now or soon, because his last few shows in Welly were sold out.


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