Music Monday: Apocalypse Soon


Major Lazer
Apocalypse Soon EP
Mad Decent Records

He came, he saw, he lazered his way into mainstream consciousness.  Declaring himself immortal and the one and only Lazer, he struck back against General Rubbish not once or twice or even thrice, but four times he maintained an offensive against the musical sensibilities of the general public.  And after he had freed the universe from the shackles of sub-par harmonies, he realised that everything in life comes full circle… and thus… Major Lazer prophesied the coming of the Apocalypse…

Where will Major Lazer take us next on our journey through Jamaican dancehall? To prepare for the end of the world and the impending zombie apocalypse as history repeats itself, the answer is obviously to dance yourself to the death in the company of the likes of Pharrell Williams and Sean Paul.  Can you think of a better way to go?  Diplo doesn’t think so.

With five tracks clocking in at just under twenty minutes long, Apocalypse Soon is a get in/get out celebration of life and good times.  Each song is different from the next , taking you on a round trip of hip-hop, rap, reggae, and head-spinning beats.

First track “Aerosol Can” features Pharrell competing with the percussion beat for who/which can rap faster, and once you’ve just caught up to that, second track “Come On To Me” kicks the EP into full gear with Sean Paul’s characteristic vocals and style backlaid with some good old reggae.

Third track “Sound Bang” is a little bit of an odd one, opening with ukulele of all things before morphing into an epileptic frenzy of electronic dance music.  Probably best for when you are stoned.

“Lose Yourself” pulls the frenetic pace back a little bit, and is probably the most earworm out of all the songs, which means it is also the most annoying to listen to over and over with its repetitive beat, and EP closer “Dale Asi” sounds a lot like a Pitbull song (just because of the Spanish, really), but which I think loosely translates into “do it like this” – is it maybe a jab at Pitbull about how to make the espanol in the musicos?

THREE out of FIVE silent LOLs

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