Whoniverse: The Doctor [Will Be] In [Australia…no fair!]

WhoniverseNo fair! The Hub Productions will be presenting Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, with a further guest to be announced, on stage for the first time in Australia at Whoniverse: The Doctor Is In. Australia, across the ditch, get EVERYTHING! She screams like a spoilt child. What about New Zealand? Tickets for Whoniverse will be available mid-January from major ticketing outlets for Australia.

The event features the guests live on stage, talking about Doctor Who and their lives as Karen and the Babes (yes I’m really hoping the third guest is Arthur Darvill). There’ll be merchandise and rare collectibles to purchase from dealers, limited autographs and professional photographs available with the Doctor and Amy (depending on the ticket you buy) and all the things we in New Zealand won’t be getting. The travesty.

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and others will be appearing in the following cities: Sydney – Saturday 1st March; Perth – Sunday 2nd March; Adelaide – Saturday 8th March; Melbourne – Sunday 9th March.



3 thoughts on “Whoniverse: The Doctor [Will Be] In [Australia…no fair!]

  1. Why can’t they come to Auckland? Nooooooooo!


  2. Coming to Australia, but not Brisbane!!


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