X Factor NZ Elimination – Ciao Cassie (WHAT A TWIST!)

Well WHAT a show! We all got a little bit scarred for a life by Daniel Bedingfield’s washing machine love scene music clip, before he showed us all he could still (?) sing. However I bet he was glad he didn’t have to follow Timomatic’s mean dance skills and thoroughly entertaining abs.

Now to the most important bit, of course. The elimination. Who would we see off? We had a sinking feeling that it would be Whenua after a pretty weak performance last night. We were pretty much resigned to the fact that he would be leaving if he was bottom-two’d and it went to deadlock, he would be out. When Moorhouse, Jackie and Benny were safe I was sure we would be saying goodbye to Whenua. I was praying he would pull out some Buffy The BAMFpire musical Slayage when he sung for survival. However it became apparent that this would not be the case when he came out singing R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly, and it was further cemented by the fact that Cassie came out, guns blazing, with a rather emotional rendition of Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. Perhaps Cassie’s best performance of the season.

I was sure we would be saying goodbye to Whenua, sure of it. Predictably Daniel voted for Whenua to go and Ruby voted for Cassie and then Stan voted for Whenua and when we all thought that Mel would ALSO vote for Whenua to leave, she pulled one over us chose Cassie. The nation (well Twitter Whenua Stans) accepted Whenua’s fate, knowing not to feel hope for the deadlock outcome because we were sure that Cassie’s starbucks buying stans would have voted up a storm for her. Except in a shocking twist it turned out that Whenua had the most votes and Cassie, dear sweet Cassie, was going home.

Special Mentions:

– Seriously though, my eyes are still burning from that 2 second clip of Daniel naked rolling around in what looked like a man-sized washing machine/dishwasher/huge champagne glass strippers dance in.

– Some of the contestants weren’t wearing yesterday’s clothes, WHAT!? Why!?

– I got bored and immature at some point during the show, can you see the result of the immaturity?



1 thought on “X Factor NZ Elimination – Ciao Cassie (WHAT A TWIST!)

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    Definitely worthy of a read, the twist last night was unexpected!


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