JawkwardLOL’s Top 5 Guest Characters on Miranda

Miranda’s done for the season. We maintain it will return for a fourth series, stay strong Miranda fans! So we want to share with you our Top 5 Favourite Guest Characters on the show. Whether it was Chris and Alison or Dreamboat Charlie we all have our favourite guest characters! Without further ado we present ours.

The JawkwardLOL Top 5 Guest Characters on Miranda!

5. Chris and Allison (John Finnemore and Margaret Cabourn-Smith)

Is there any couple more annoying? That’s why we have them in our top 5! They make you want to punch them in the face. “I’ve got an empathy wee coming.”

There is just too much pep between them. They wouldn’t have made it here, however their last appearance was brilliant because ‘Mr and Mrs Empathy Wee’ are no longer as peppytin tilly tots. It’s glorious.

All I want is a gif of Alison yelling “ONLY I CAN SPEAK FOR MY VAGINA!”

4. Cousin Benji (Neil Edmond)

He’s only seen for less than a few seconds in two different episodes but come on, I mean, come on!

Series 1

Series 3
He’s still Miranda’s cousin and he’s still a bit mental.

3. Jason (Luke Pasqualino)

The boyish, yet manly, porter who arranges a ‘companion’ for the night for Miranda that one time she holiday’d in her own hometown. He’s here because, well because! Miranda and Stevie aren’t the only cougars.

Also, he’s got the best ‘seriously?’ bitchface ever.

2. Dreamboat Charlie/Ping Pong Charlie/Cucumber Charlie (Adrian Scarborough)

Ex-Army doctor, Dream Boat Charlie. He’d seen a photo AND he was still interested. Because he fancies women he wouldn’t necessarily beat in a fight!



“Okey dokey and then some pokey!”

This small package is an enormous bundle of laughs each time he’s onscreen. Which is why he’s number 2!

1. Customer/We-Don’t-Know Guy (Dominic Coleman)

He’s our absolute favourite because despite being dragged into Miranda’s affair once in series one, “to be fair I don’t understand the world I just walked into,” he manages to get dragged right back in in series three!

Nothing!No.Oh! Nothing!

Named by Miranda ‘Customer’ because they never asked his name and to do so a day after knowing him would just be weird. Never mind that at that point they were trying to get him to be her fake fiance so they wouldn’t have to go to a Pride and Prejudice themed party where Penny was going to set Miranda up with Edmond Dettori. Poor guy was just after something for his niece, he never did buy his niece anything. In series three when he helps distract by pretending to form a ‘Take That’ tribute band tho’. We hope he gets another episode!Who is he? We don’t know! He doesn’t know either and that just makes him so awesome!

Special Mentions:

Danny (Michael Landes) from 2×01: The New Me. Why? Look at him!

If you have any other favourites that you think we should have had here let us know! Also, talk to us if you’re having Miranda withdrawals. Just know that you are not alone. Oh no, don’t sing- I AM HERE WITH YOUUUUU, THOUGH WE’RE FAR APART! YOU’RE ALWAYS IN MY HEART, BUT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’m sorry, it’s 2am where I am and I am very tired.

– Goodbye and good night.


5 thoughts on “JawkwardLOL’s Top 5 Guest Characters on Miranda

  1. Haha, I think mine would be the exact same.


  2. Hi, I’d like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award. It’s meant to recognise up-and-coming blogs with preferably less than 200 followers, and I think your entertaining posts and reviews deserve more attention! Please let me know if this is okay.
    P.S. I love the customer/guy we don’t know! But cousin Benji is definitely my favourite.


    1. Yes please and thank you very much! Nice spring wedding?

      I’M THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GOOSE! =] Cousin Benji has a special place in my heart- I hope we get more of him as well.

      In all seriousness, that would be very awesome.


      1. Haha, oh you make me laugh. If there were an award for the most Miranda references in one comment you would win that too!

        Once I have confirmed my nominations, I’ll link you and then it’s just a matter of spreading the love. 🙂


      2. Hey, just letting you know that the post is up now. Just visit my blog misswho.me 🙂


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