Hello chums! Oh- sorry, bear with. Bear with.


This is a brief post for a brief encounter. See what I did there? No? Obtuse. Or intentionally being rude. Rude. Now, a Miranda review for the finale which aired last night IS on the way! We’re just having some technical difficulties, and by technical difficulties I mean I found it difficult to complete the review last night because my eyes had difficulties staying open. Also, mother’s having anger management difficulties. You see technically she isn’t angry at me however I believe the psychoanalytic term for her anger for others being projected onto me is transference. Don’t ask. But one cannot review Miranda when one is under the line of fire from a Samoan woman. My mother’s definitely someone Dream Boat Charlie wouldn’t beat in a fight.

So we will have a review up tonight! I promissiomissimus! In the interim you could perhaps check out our other posts? Otherwise… image



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