Film Review: Boychoir

“Put everything you are into it.”

Boychoir is a film based on an emotional journey. It’s about overcoming challenges and seeing beyond what is in front of you. It’s the idea that even though those around you may doubt you, you should never doubt yourself. Their criticisms should be your driving force to excel. Your dreams and passions are worthy to be realised, and shown to the world.

The film starts of rather slowly and is fairly predictable, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. If nothing else, you are exposed to incredible music and a look inside competitive choir that most people would have no idea about. The music is the heart of the film. It helps to carry you through the obvious gaps in the storytelling.

We met Stet, an eleven year old boy who is obviously carrying a rather large chip on his shoulders. He is a troubled and angry youth, which is forced to audition for the American Boy Choir. The film begins as though it should be obvious to the viewer that he is a talented young man, but we are not allowed to see this. You watch a good chunk of the film before we actually see, well hear, Stet’s ability to sing. In all honesty, you are wondering if he can actually sing, but I think that is the clincher. That is what reels you in, and keeps you engaged.

The musical talent of each boy within the choir is incredible. The singing is uplifting and brings a tear, or two to the eye. Garrett Wareing, who plays Stet, is new to the acting world and the vulnerability of his character (along with himself as an actor) is greatly appreciated on screen. You can’t help but root for him.

Boychoir is a heart-warming, family friendly film. The music in astounding, and if you appreciate classical music then it’s right up your alley, but, if you are new to classical, then, what an opener for you. I don’t think I can go on about how beautiful the music is, so I’ll leave it up to your own judgements.

Boychoir hits NZ cinemas on Thursday 30 April. See the below trailer for a note of inspiration.


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