Game of Thrones 5×02 and 5×03 Quick Thoughts

No time for full reviews but here are some random thoughts at random points throughout the last two episodes…

5×03 – High Sparrow

Littlefinger: “You’ve been a bystander to tragedy from the day they executed your father, stop being a bystander.”

Me: Well, considering you were instrumental in getting Ned captured by the Lannisters she should start with gutting you right then and there but oh well.

Littlefinger: “There’s no justice in the world, not unless you make it.”

Me: Touché.

Marrying Sansa to Ramsay? Whooooaaaaaaaaattthhheeeeefffuuuucccckkkkk?!! It eliminates the ‘imposter Arya’ storyline, that I’m kind of glad about, but holy heck Ramsay is a psychopath. Sansa’s been through enough already. (That pan over to his crazy hunting partner girlfriend pal was a bit ominous, no?) Props to Sansa, however, playing the game and putting her poker face on when facing Roose Bolton. Littlefinger’s been teaching her well, yeh? And yes, old lady who takes Sansa to her rooms, the North remembers.

Damn Lord Commander Snow was very reminiscent of that first ever episode, on top of the return to Winterfell with Sansa. Jon was very Ned in his execution of Slynt. I knew he couldn’t backtrack with his decision to execute, but damn I was still a bit surprised when he went through with it.

5×02 – The House of Black and White

There’s just something about Arya Stark that makes you want to be her, no? An internal steeliness that she’s developed since the start of her journey, granted it came from having your entire family ripped from you starting with watching your father get beheaded.

Brienne has been rejected by Arya and now Sansa, ouch.

Jaqen! But not… because it’s not really Jaqen- just a face. But it’s comforting for watchers of the show to see a familiar face. Yeah?

Snow for Commander!

The moment Tyrion and Varys went to a brothel I knew we were going to be seeing Jorah. I like that they’re accelerating the pace of this storyline- the show’s definitely going to exceed the books with some characters soon.

Qyburn is having fun playing Dr Frankenstein up in there. I love how nonplussed he was about the Mountain thrashing about- despite being, you know, dead. But dead is relative in Game of Thrones, amirite?

Dorne and Braavos looking pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Cersei and Jaime arguing over what to do about their daughter in Dorne having received obvious threats from none other than the sand snakes, is intense. Both their hands, well both Cersei’s and one of Jaime’s (badoom tush) are tied. They can’t very well go over and basically declare war, can they?

Which means more Bronn! Trying to get his castle ins. But nope, it’s off on a buddy film adventure you go with Jaime.

Greyscale is rough. No pun intended.

Expectation: Oh hey Drogon, been a while- how’s it been? Killed anymore children?

Reality: *sobbing and incomprehensible mumbling*

Guess this means we’re going to get some dragon riding at some point. Surely. I am so ready for it.


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