Ranga God -Ed Sheeran- Performing One-off Auckland Show

On April 30th, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will be performing in Auckland, thanks to 2degrees and everyone reading this, SHEERAN FOREVER.

Already being promoted by the online radio station iHeartRadio, his one free show will be  a chance for Ed to perform some tracks from his newest album x set to be released in New Zealand on June 20th.

It will be mine- because his first album was epic, and considering it’s the ginge musical god Ed Sheeran, his second album will be just as amazing.

We’ve also seen two tracks from his new album, SING and Don’t and if any of his other new tracks are like them, then I will- without a doubt- love them. Although to be fair, I love Ed Sheeran in general. He’s perfect and I’m so excited and happy for him, it’s almost embarrassing but it can’t be embarrassing because it’s Ed freaking Sheeran. Okay? He’s a ranga, he’s got red hair! Kissed by fire!


Click and register here to be into win free Ed Sheeran show tickets, I already signed up and now I’m hyperventilating just at the possibility of seeing him live again.


 *comes back to life just to die again*


What say you?

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