Western Union (Phishing) Email Scam

I recently received an email from a Mr Kelly Omar who advised me that I’d won $950,000:00USD through a South African fund vault from an Online Promo held by the United Nations in conjunction with Western Union. Sound legit? Because it totally is.

While I was excited about making a new friend, who will never replace my facebook buddy from before (I miss you Olori), I soon discovered that my new friend displayed a distinct lack of patience with my folly. And in turn I lost interest rather quickly.

Can you spot where I stopped caring?


2. Western Union Win 3. Rick Roll Attempt

3.1 Form

Mr Kelly Omar gets right to it. I’m bombarded with long paragraphs riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and tedious jargon which I skimmed but leave here for your information should your own Kelly contact you.

4. Long Ass Email 4.1. Long Ass Email 4.2. Long Ass Email5. Getting things Straight6.7.

His response was a bit: 8. 9.10. 11.

Kelly hasn’t responded since. I guess that’s another friendship squandered and opportunity for monetary gain lost.


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