New Doctor Announced: Peter Capaldi

In an announcement show hosted by Zoe Ball, the twelfth Doctor has been announced as Peter Capaldi.

I loved Peter as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It so am very excited to see his portrayal. Can’t have Malcolm’s language though eh?

– Jess


Peter was Sid’s dad on Skins too! I’m excited as [expletive] because he’s always [expletive]ing brilliant in his roles. I’m a bit disappointment that the BBC haven’t chosen a woman or someone, I don’t know, black- but what are you gonna do? However Peter Capaldi is a great choice and a long time fanboy of Doctor Who, which makes him one of us!

I think the BBC has a long way to go in terms of breaking through their patriarchal (and I’m not going to say the other issue) barriers. However I’m confident that perhaps, given a few years, we’ll see a female doctor, or a black/brown/ethnic doctor, heck if we’re lucky maybe even both?

However until then let’s congratulate Peter and look forward to some fucking fantastic times with the twelfth doctor! (I think one got through there.)

– Mata


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