X Factor NZ Semi Finals and Elimination Review

Okay, so the themes set by Simon were Heartbreak & Love and the Best of Rock.

Heartbreak & Love

Jackie Thomas: Her heartbreak song was sort of a ‘run of the mill’ Jackie song. Honestly, it didn’t really standout for me. What did stand out was Stan recalling Jackie’s rendition of Skinny Love from her audition, we get it- she sang Skinny Love really well. Almost rivaling the Birdy’s rendition, almost.

Benny Tipene: Benny’s heartbreak song was an original called Boxes? Either way it was good. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t enjoy the judges comparing him to Ed Sheeran, no comparison, sorry. However Benny’s song was mean, even though Daniel kept singing the chorus back to him when judges were trying to give their comments, like Daniel stfu.

Moorhouse: Sang Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man was actually really well done. I was surprised, they stayed in tune for the most part when harmonising which is usually when they sort of go off-key. So that was pleasant.

Whenua Patuwai: I am so gutted I missed watching this episode with everyone on twitter, because Whenua doing Daniel’s If You’re Not The One? I can only imagine what twitter was saying. I thought it was okay, it was a different side to Whenua we haven’t had and although it wasn’t one of his best performances I don’t

The Best of Rock

Moorhouse: I love Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody, unfortunately I don’t think the Moorhouse pulled it off. And they had patchy off-key bits so that was disappointing.

Whenua: Sang Joplin’s Take Another Little Piece of My Heart which honestly appeared to rock the damn house. His voice was strong and he did the song justice, despite (according to San_ being sick. So it honestly just made Mel and Daniel’s critical comments come off as smearing. Also, I didn’t like the backup singers, thought they were unnecessary and even slightly damaging to his performance.

Jackie: Her rendition of Wonderwall was perhaps the most lively performance she’s given, even if it was still a bit boring. It was still enough to get her through to the finals wasn’t it? (Yes, at this point I’ve just watched the elimination episode so know who’s gone home.)

Benny: His rendition of Sweet Child of Mine was lovely, it was brilliant how he started off slowly and let the song build before killin’ it on that guitar solo and then rocking out the rest of the song. Good stuff. He could win the competition, and if he doesn’t it might be better for his career. Seems like the finalists are doing better than some winners.


Benny and Whenua got through leaving Moorhouse and Jackie in the bottom two. After Dom’s longest pause to date we found out that Jackie had more votes than Moorhouse to all the little girls’ chagrins.

Special Mentions:

– Daniel’s ‘in awe’ face is almost as scarring as his ‘rolling around nakkid in a washing machine’ face. Almost.

– Mel reaching for the mic and getting bounced by Dominic. That’s cold. Awkward. Even more awkward? Moorhouse thanked everyone and their dog EXCEPT their mentor, Mel. Sad? Funny? Hilarious? Awkward.

– See you all at the Finals.


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