Skins Fire – Part 2 Review

You don’t know me at all, and you never will.
Before we begin the breakdown let’s get this out of the way, it’s not a series of Skins unless a favourite character is involved in a life threatening situation/dies. It’s definitely not Skins unless you’re left with the feeling that nothing is resolved. The writers of Skins have never given you that conventional ‘happily ever after’ you crave so much, so why on earth would you think they’d give you one now? Skins has always been about moments. Whether it was living in the moment, realising a moment’s gone or waiting for a moment to pass. Every episode of each series captured certain moments of a character’s life, and I suppose this, the end of Effy and Naomi’s stories, was comprised of their final moments. If you can call it that, with Skins there’s no such thing as ending, well outside of death, sometimes not even then. Even if things are resolved for the odd character, that moment of resolution is still, in the end, a moment in their life from which they then move on. On to another moment, on to something else that we won’t ever know about. However I’ve gotten ahead of myself, I’ll stop and back it up now. Let’s unpack part two of Skins Fire- not completely, because that would take all night, but we’ll scratch the surface a bit and touch upon why a lot of the fans are crying.
Naomi has cancer and it’s killing her. At the start of the episode we find that Naomi’s doing relatively well in the comedy world, we begin the episode at another gig where people are actually laughing at her jokes. It seems the only person not having fun is Effy who leaves during Naomi’s stand up to go see Jake, her boss. (Who, everyone agrees, looks like Freddie. But that’s something we’re not going to talk about.) What cuts everyone up about Naomi’s terminal illness is the fact that it will kill perhaps one of the most popular ships Skins has ever produced, the force known as Naomily.
This relationship hasn’t been an easy one to follow, what with Naomi’s initial reservations and betrayal, and considering Skins track record with ruining/killing one half of fan favourite ships, see Chris and Jal, Effy and Freddie, Grace and Rich. However, considering Naomi and Emily were still together years later in Skins Fire, it seemed things might end well for these two. However Naomi keeps the truth from about her illness and the fact that her health is continually declining as she isn’t responding to treatment from Emily because Emily matters more to Naomi than the truth. Through it all Lily Loveless’ performance goes from strength to strength, from annoying layabout flatmate to dying woman who refuses to let her illness get in the way of the woman she loves’ internship, there is something extraordinary about the ‘feels’ produced by Naomi stating she’s ‘going to die’ to Effy after confronting her about the shitty friend she’d been over the past few months.
Effy Stonem, mysterious, complex and sometimes rather egocentric, Effy. As predicted, Effy’s career as a trader and her relationship with her boss seems to soar for a while until the inevitable moment when it begins to crumble. Spurred on by Jake, Effy seeks out Dom’s help to illegally obtain information to create trading profits and enjoys what appears to be a few months of hedonism both in her career and in her relationship with Jake. The problem is people, namely a colleague and subsequently the FSA, catch on and rather than have her back Jake throws Effy under the bus. Up until that point Effy thought her relationship with Jake was real, as Naomi pointed out she’d been living in a fantasy for the past few months and a shitty one at that. The fact that in the end Effy chooses to eventually name Jake and go to jail if it meant Dom wouldn’t be implicated showed a sense of growth in character for her. Although it came after a digression in behaviour, in which she reverted to her old method of manipulation after Dom’s, rather justified, outburst about how she made him pathetic.

This moment, I reckon was just Effy’s reflex reaction to situations outside of her control, she tries to rein it back in to something she can manage. Only something goes wrong and in that fevered moment Dom runs off. Any theories?

However in the end Effy’s chooses to implicate Jake and take the time in jail pleading for Dom not to be involved as he was not at fault. The episode leaves us in a lurch, Naomi and Emily reunited but for how long before Naomi dies? And Effy off to jail for an indeterminate amount of time. And yet, in that final moment, when Effy’s sitting in the back of the police car/taxi and she smiles I suppose we know that she’ll be okay. If there’s one thing we know about Effy Stonem is that she rises from the ashes after burning up and allowing her fire to consume herself and those around her.

Special Mentions:

– Emily’s reaction, when Effy finally took it upon herself to call her, was heartbreaking. You can understand the anger, the fact that Effy’s had this time with Naomi. This moment when you think, Effy’s just called Emily now against her wishes, surely she should have had the foresight a while ago to call Emily against Naomi’s wishes earlier?

– “What the fuck is wrong with you? She’s alone in there, I don’t wanna- you know what? Fuck it, fuck this.” Dom’s anger at Effy bringing that shit up whilst her friend was lying in the hospital room was completely justified. C’mon Effy!

– Next week it’s onto Skins Pure we go! Cassie’s episode and it’s not set in New York as I originally thought! Have you seen the trailer? People already saying they think Sid is Cassie’s stalker will be disappointed to find they have a glimpse of her stalker in the trailer and he, unfortunately, is not Sid.

Convos with Friends, well just Freya, again!

Freya: It is perfect. Exactly what it should be… However the part with Dom reigning control in that particular scene, I have no idea what to make of it. Truly. Your notion of ‘theories?’, I’m asking the same damn thing. Anyone got any ideas?
Mata: Hmmm I don’t know aye, like maybe he realises that she’s not really doing it because she loves him like he wants her to and that it’s sort of like a ‘just trying to get you to do what I want and am not enjoying it’ type situation and he feels guilty about it, apologises and runs away? I don’t know, that scene threw me off a bit because I really like Dom’s character even though some of the fandom say he’s not worth caring about. Haha it might just be because I heart the actor lol.
Freya: I heart his character in skins. It’s the contemporary version of unrequited love I think. He finally sees the trees through the forest and consequently decides it’s eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth so to speak. Screws her over (literally) just like she did him. as eff peels her layers off, you see the real dom for what he really is. Hiding behind this nice guy facade. It’s bitter sweet when eff resorts to sexual play. It’s comforting but saddening to see she hasn’t quite grown. She’s hidden under this pseudo-profession. Texting via phone sucks. Too many theories, not enough fingers… Aaaah wish you were here!
Mata : I don’t know about him having a nice guy facade, I think Dom was genuinely a nice person. However I do believe that in that moment he might have allowed himself to believe that she wanted him despite knowing that she’d only really started talking to him for information to get ahead. Effy may have developed feelings for him but not of a romantic nature and he realised that during that scene. I don’t know haha, I’m just trying to understand it. Someone quoted my review in a forum and said I either disregarded generation one’s resolutions or just forgot, I sort of forgot lol but mainly because even though there were some resolutions not everything was tied up in a pretty knot. And Skins Fire was just following Skins protocol heh. I wish I was there too! =[

4 thoughts on “Skins Fire – Part 2 Review

  1. Hello!
    I love this review. I couldn’t find the author of this text and wanted to ask for permission if I could use following phrase:
    “If there’s one thing we know about Effy Stonem is that she rises from the ashes after burning up and allowing her fire to consume herself and those around her.”
    on a private background on facebook? I love this sentence.

    I am looking forward to response!


    1. Hi Sania! I’m the author of that review, thanks for reading! Sure go ahead. But we’d love to see the graphic though 🙂


  2. ALRIGHT. So, IM UPSET . Because I think I am the Only One who realized that RICH FROM SEASONS 5 and 6 , AS IN RICHARD THE METAL HEAD, is mentioned in Skins : Fire. The Wanna bee Freddie ( Effy’s boss) speaks to him on the phone!!!!!!!! He works for the same company that Effy works for. Can we discuss this? ANYONE?


    1. Whoa, WHAT?! No way, is his full name mentioned? I’m going to rewatch at some point.

      I mean, Rich is a pretty common name. But if so, well done on spotting it!


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