Get married and make my dreams come true!

These next few posts are going to be a bit of a bore. No nice photos. However I would wager that this is the post a bunch of you have been waiting for. Yes, today I spent 4 hours buying clothes at Indian shops for the wedding. Here are some photos of clothes (told you I was light on material).



20130711-013813.jpg20130711-013755.jpgNo, I did not get a sari even though mum said she would be the proudest mother in the world if I wore a sari. She is so dramatic! Haha! Also, Mata had tweeted this yesterday and I know y’all take great pleasure in teasing me. Whatever brothers!

20130711-013854.jpgIf any of you had read a previous post by Mata where she lists qualities of a suitable husband for me, you would know my mother’s dream is to get me married by 25. This, according to her, is because “no-one is interested after 25.”

Today my mother asks me: “Do you like Vancouver?”

And I replied saying: “Yeah, it’s really nice.” And she says,”I am getting ideas, do you know what I am thinking?”

OhmyJesus, I just said. “Oh shut up mother!” The woman was trying to ask if I would be in interested in boys from Canada!

Yup, I know y’all like hearing about this. I can already imagine it, you know how Indian wedding are. They go for a week and everyone and their dog is invited. So you will most probably be as well. See ya there, according to mum, it won’t be too far away now.

*Bangs head on wall repeatedly”

P.S don’t worry, I am not having an arranged wedding, just loads of meddling. As mum says to me gossip and meddling run through the veins of all Indians.

On a good note, went to Tim Hortons again and had a maple and pecan Danish, how Canadian is that? Oh and I went to Walmart. But it was a 5 minute visit to get some shoes. And there was no “People of Walmart” moment. Maybe the Canadians are far too civilised for that!


MATA HERE! Hi guys, just hi-jacking Jess’s post because from Jess’s mum who I know will not rest until she sees Jess in the brightest of saris on her day of marriage. And just like Jess’s mum, this will be me until the week in question.

See you all at the wedding! If you want to read more about Jess’s Travels, go click on the Jess’s Travels tag. Go on now, don’t be shy. Or if you’re lazy just click THIS. Don’t worry I’m not Rick Rollin’ you for once.

Mata, out.


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